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Best Football Coaches
of the Year
01.03.2022 - Football legend Sir Alex Ferguson, the knightly team manager of Manchester City, was once heard speaking about a thing that infected his players - “It was called winning.” Read more
Want to Start Betting on NBA Games?
Here are 3 Things you Should Do
20.02.2022 - The NBA is one of the world's most popular leagues not only in terms of viewership but for sports betting as well. One of the reasons why people love betting on NBA games is because of how top-heavy the league is and how much of an impact individual players have on the game. Read more
The Most Popular Game in January 2022
Red Zone Action
19.02.2022 - Popularity competition is won by american football game again. NFL play offs and Super Bowl coming soon is the reason... I guess... Read more
The Best Rated Game in January 2022
My Racing Career
19.02.2022 - Success of motorsport game in January is a bit surprising. Maybe it is because of lot of excitement among F1 fans after so dramatic outcome of last season or maybe it is just because the motorsport game is that good. Read more
The World of Basketball
Sports Betting
19.02.2022 - Basketball is one of the most popular sports around. The sport has millions of fans across the globe, and just as many of those who enjoy betting on basketball and their favorite teams. Read more
Top Ten Best Tight Ends
Of All Time
18.02.2022 - Tight ends are so often forgotten in the NFL, we focus so much on the quarterbacks and receivers we often forget the players who have changed more in NFL history, than the aforementioned posts. Read more
4 Horses Who Have the Best Chance
of Cheltenham Festival Success in 2022
16.02.2022 - The Cheltenham Festival is a meeting which sees the best jumps horses come together in the sport in their respective divisions. There are 28 races across the four days, and each of them has a great deal of importance. Read more
A Brief History of Rummy
& How it Has Evolved
16.02.2022 - Rummy is the king of all skill-based games. Thanks to the game’s popularity, several variants exist across the world. However, the basic rules remain the same, and it requires players to arrange and meld cards to form relevant sequences and sets. Players must constantly strategize to discard and pick the right cards. It would not be easy to find people who haven’t had a run-in with rummy. Read more
5 Reasons
To Outsource Remote IT Support Service
16.02.2022 - Circumstances have been affected to a great extent after the arrival of covid 19 and no one knows when it will be ended. This pandemic has forced people to stay indoors and accomplish all tasks from there. Numerous businesses have been shifted to homes. So in these situations, the trend of hiring remote employees has become frequent. Read more
Top Considerations
When Hiring Remote Employees
16.02.2022 - Workers employed by a company and do work from outside are considered remote employees. Their location includes a home, a cafe, a private room, or any other place other than the office. Read more
Best Trade Show Giveaways
You Have In 2022
16.02.2022 - Trade shows at the end or the start of the year are organized and giveaways or corporate gifts Items are distributed among people with the brand names printed on them. Read more
4 Ways Investing in Sport
Can Make You a Millionaire
02.02.2022 - There are several different ways in which you could invest in sport. Some of them are very common, while others are a bit more difficult; however, they can all be successful if you know what you are doing. So, here are the four best ways to invest in sports and become a millionaire! Read more
5 Golden Rules
You Should Do First in All Football Manager Games
02.02.2022 - Football Manager games are well-known for the impact it has on those who begin to play it. It's addicting, entertaining, and if you allow it, it has the ability to absorb every second of your free time. Part of the game's unending attraction is the flexibility it provides, as well as the rewards you may earn if you handle your assets and funds well. Read more
5 Unforgettable
Football Manager Games
02.02.2022 - Football manager games have become an enormous success in the last 20 years. Millions of players worldwide enjoy managing teams and players as much as watching games on TV. Read more
Will Football Manager Games Be Able to Maintain Their Popularity
in 2022?
02.02.2022 - No doubt, Football Manager is among the best sports simulation games available today. Its core appeal is the same: you first create a manager profile, then join a club as its new manager. As the manager, you get to control player transfers, training, and tactics to meet the objectives of the club. Read more
Games & Quick Articles
Beginning of 5th Season
Two Out Rally
01.04.2011 - Two Out Rally announced today that Season 5 of the popular, web-based fantasy baseball massively multiplayer baseball simulation will begin Friday, April 1 and bring some exciting changes to the universe of the World Baseball League. With the highest tier of the league now available and 2,000 games played daily, competition is at an all-time high. New features will allow players to achieve even more control over their players and teams. Read more
A New Season dawns in Track King
Horse Racing Manager
30.03.2011 - Next week marks the start of Season 15 in Track King - It's the perfect time to sign up and start your own Virtual Stable - for FREE!! Track King is parter and it is highly recommended horse racing manager game! Read more
Analyzing the Driver Characteristics
29.03.2011 - At the begining of every season at Batracer you can set one or two special driver characteristics. If you are interested to find out what exactly that does and how it can help you, you should read this article. It basically represents opinions of experienced drivers on this issue based on their own analysis and observation. Read more
Get Starting 15€ Bonus
03.03.2011 - Have you ever played horse racing manager game? Now you get great chance to start with 15€ bonus. Join Newturf and start your own virtual horses stable and earn real money. You must be over 18 to be allowed to play this game due to gambling policy. Read more
Win 250 credits
Powerplay Manager
27.02.2011 - Take part in competition with Online Sport Managers. Winner gets 120 Powerplay Manager credits and there is also reward for second and third place. Read more
Beginning of 4th Season
Two Out Rally
16.02.2011 - Two Out Rally announced today that season 4 of the popular baseball game will begin Friday, February 18. The beginning of season 4 will coincide with the availability of higher levels of challenge and an increase in available teams for ownership. With almost 2,000 games played every day, and daily improvements and feature additions, season 4 will be the most competitive and exciting season so far. Read more
Batracer - Review
Race the World
14.06.2009 - BATracer is a browser webgame similar to some racing manager style webgames. However, it is unique in that gameplay centres around the player as the driver, rather than the team manager. This introduces multiplayer team work as an important part of success. This game has a long history, the beginnings of this game goes back to 2000. At this moment game has more than 100.000 users. Read more
Goal Line Blitz - Review
Manage Your Football Player
02.05.2009 - Goal Line Blitz is a web-based American Football multiplayer online sport game with a custom football simulation engine to provide managers with the ultimate football experience on the web. Manager can choose to play in role of a player’s manager or in role of a team manager. That makes this game special comparing to other football games. In this review I will look at the player’s management part of the game. Read more
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