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My Racing Career - Online formula 1 manager game

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Sport: Motorsport
User Rating: 97.63% (21691 votes)
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My Racing Career - Online formula 1 manager game


My Racing Career is a free online motorsport management game where you take the role of a racing driver. This means, that you have to create and develop your own driver and cannot simply buy any random driver from the market. But of course, you are also responsible for team management tasks like taking care of driver's employees, sponsors, training, and all other important elements of a real driver career.

Your driver will start with the Formula 3 cars in one of the Official Series or the Rookie Series. The first goal is to get good results in order to climb up the ranking ladder, so your driver has the chance to get better-sponsoring contracts for next season and to be promoted to better motorsport series. After the first successful steps, you will get a chance in a more prestigious series like Formula 2. But at any time you can change the path of your driver´s career and join the American way of racing.

Unlike other racing management games, My Racing Career gives you the opportunity to try new car types and series. The American Formula Series (Indy) is very popular and attracts many drivers. You can either join one of the minor Indy Junior Series (USA or International) or participate in the major Indy Series. Also, you can join the Stock Car Series with three different manufacturers. The Gold Cup Series is the top league in the Stock Car segment, but minor series are also available for inexperienced drivers.

The Formula 1 is the ultimate goal of any racing driver and in My Racing Career, you will be able to experience Formula 1 like never before in any other management game. Formula 1 will be added to the game soon, so don`t hesitate and be there from the beginning.

What makes My Racing Career so unique is the fact that you can choose from over 50 different series, compete in more than 150 different tracks, and race against numerous competitors from over 130 different countries. The game is already available in 27 different languages. It also includes a fun 2D simulation of your qualifications and races. Another astonishing implementation is the introduction of private cars. You can buy your driver a private ride and let him race in private tournaments. James Dean style! This creative way of upgrades defines the spirit of the game and clearly separates My Racing Career from its competition. The active and helpful community presents another cornerstone of My Racing Career.

My Racing Career wants to grow healthy and only implements new series when necessary. This means that you will never face an empty and uninteresting series. So in the future, your driver will be able to join interesting series like DTM, V8 Super Cars, WTCC, or the Porsche Super Cup. Your driver will also be able to help your country to do well in the Nations Cup.

Take the opportunity and join a fabulous online racing management game. Don´t hesitate and start your own racing career today.

In addition to 4-wheel circuit racing, the game also includes motorcycles and rallies. Motorcycle races include MotoGP, Moto2, Moto3, MotoE, and Superbikes, while rallies offer the National, Continental, or WRC series.


Free and there is possibility to buy extra functions which improves game experience but does not affect your in game success.


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2012-12-03 11:29:57 Racer (unregistered) IP: 103.9.*.*
It's good, but get really boring really fast. About 1/10 as good as GPRO.

2013-02-15 13:40:19 hellboy (unregistered) IP: 91.233.*.*
I cannot agree, it might be little boring during beta version, but now when you have to build the drivers future it is very good... And they are working hard to improve the game every day!
2013-08-01 19:13:42 big fudge (unregistered) IP: 62.47.*.*
can not agree. the community is very good. especially if you speak and understand english, you will never have a problem. there is always someone who can help you, at any time.

also the game is making good progress. live broadcast is implemented and already planned to be improved.

fantastic game, with a respectable number of users. the 5th season just started. that means the game is still very young. to get to the full potential, the game needs even more active players. i guess there would be even more series, and i am talking about top series.

right now the devs are patient. they have a huge set of series, around 50 i guess, and they do not want empty series, so that is why they are waiting with new implementation of series.

really good game. recommandable to play, at least to try it out. huge potential. i would say, latest in another 4-5 season it will be the #1 racing manager. maybe one of the better manager out there in general.
2013-09-27 07:44:24 mr. know it all (unregistered) IP: 213.240.*.*
really the best racing manager out there. it basically not 1 game, it´s a combination of different racing managers. you take the role of a player and you can switch your series every season. formula, indy already present, nascar and formula 1 planned. also private car racing is included.

simply great
2013-12-13 13:15:25 itswais77 (unregistered) IP: 91.178.*.*
Well, this is the best mangaging game ever even though it will take time to fix the race streaming, I highly recommend this game, and it has more than just Formula 1, it has Indycar, NASCAR, F2, Private Cars and for starters F3, it's even realistic with crashes and mechanical failures. I really love this game.
2014-01-25 16:10:21 Deka96 (unregistered) IP: 31.192.*.*
I am Deka96 player from my racing career.
This game is very good and immerses you into the racing world.
Lets go to the wold of motorsport.
We see you there.
2014-06-30 12:37:20 ThatFPM8Guy (unregistered) IP: 87.66.*.*
I have fun playing this game, I first tried in 2012 but I didn't know how to use it and then a year later, I returned and I managed to learn the game so yeah, this game has beaten iGP IMO. :D
2015-01-13 23:33:13 anakin (unregistered) IP: 94.64.*.*
I have tried most of the online racing manager games. This one got me hooked up in no time. you should try it too...
2016-03-05 19:28:19 olilongi777 (unregistered) IP: 85.135.*.*
I´m playing this game for 2 years, and i think it is the coolest motorsport game ever!

From start the game looks horribly hard, but if you go on forum, you find there a LOT of friendly people which you always wants to help...

For Slovaks: Nebojte sa prís?, pomôžeme vám na fóre :)
2016-04-30 17:56:18 DWoolfe (unregistered) IP: 94.247.*.*
Quite an impressive game. While yes, it still needs work (and perhaps a proofreader at times), you can tell that a large effort was - and is - put into this game.
2016-07-29 10:18:09 Tomboy (unregistered) IP: 2.120.*.*
Great game and online community, it keeps evolving, so you never become bored.
2016-10-10 06:03:22 janine teron (unregistered) IP: 205.164.*.*
You've just given me the info I was searching for. Thanks for the sharing, I also found a useful service for forms filling. So here is my saving grace: PDFfiller helped me to fill out the TX Comptroller 05-163 and and esign them. Just try it, you'll love it.
2016-11-06 22:25:28 kam (unregistered) IP: 74.70.*.*
This game is definitely a big improvement over the old-timer BATracer, which I played for quite some time. Nevertheless, don't trust all the hype you see in this site because My Racing Career offers in-game benefits for people to come here and vote for it. My advice is for people to try the many racing games available and settle in the one [or two] that they like the most.

I'm not going to argue which game is the best one, because it's a matter of taste. My personal preference is for games that have less races per week and less randomness involved in the race results.
2017-02-19 17:34:25 Mike (unregistered) IP: 178.7.*.*
I've looked at My Racing Career now. The racing sport is precise, comprehensive and strives for perfection. My Racing Career has none of this.
My Racing Career lacks depth and scope.
I guess the game can make fun anyway, but no way is it a honest 96% user rating!
My Racing Career has been hyped and pushed with its user rating. This shame result of 96% makes the whole game untrustworthy.
Just look at the many short spam articles here.
2017-04-22 17:29:14 Giff (unregistered) IP: 50.35.*.*
If you like the management side of motorsports, this is your game.
2017-08-17 00:34:27 naujo (unregistered) IP: 93.141.*.*
The only reason it's so highly rated is because you get rewards for voting it up on sites like this. IIRC it's also sponsored by this website or something. It's nothing special tbh, fun for a while. However, to succeed you need to be completely uncreative, only way to succeed is 100 intelligence to your driver and a ton of training.

Not worth more than 4 stars in my opinion, but again, the sponsorship and rewards help it out.
2017-10-18 10:55:27 Tim (unregistered) IP: 88.72.*.*
I know this game, in no way this is a 97% rated game.
This rating is produced by cheating.
How embarrassing.
2021-01-19 18:41:30 RedDog (unregistered) IP: 188.27.*.*
It is a decent game. But be aware if you want to play it, to keep a team you need real money, not too serious amount of investment. So this is not the main problem, that you need money, the real problem is that some users, considered VIP on the game can destroy your team without any punishment. So think twice if you want to invest in game, because some users can play with your investment and they don't get punished.


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