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Why Is Football So Popular
in the United Kingdom?
09.11.2021 - Without a doubt, football is one of the most popular sports in England. Hence, one may ask what are the reasons behind the immense popularity of football in the UK. Read on to get to know more about it. Read more
the digital draft
04.11.2021 - Getting the draft right can often be a difficult process. All too often, players go into it underprepared and they come out with a different team to what they wanted. We’re going to go over the important aspects that you need to understand when it comes to getting your digital draft exactly right. Read more
Football Managers Inspiration
Top Soccer Team Managers
03.11.2021 - A soccer team is only as good as its manager. And Alex Ferguson (Scotland), Mircea Lucescu (Romania), Valeri Lobanovski (Ukraine), and Luis Felipe Scolari (Brazil) are proud bearers of this distinction. Read more
Who are the English Premier League Managers
Under Pressure?
19.10.2021 - The new English Premier League season is just a few weeks old but some club managers are already feeling the pressure. Some teams may be fulfilling their potential while others are simply struggling to have any impact in the opening games. Read more
NFL Future Bets
Who's Your Money On
19.10.2021 - This year’s NFL season has been intense, and next year’s results are bound to be even tighter. With rigorous training and discipline from each team, it’s all to play for. However, there are so many variables that affect how well a team plays. These include whether they are playing home or away games because it can make players feel more comfortable and confident on their home turf where they have been training. Read more
California has 3 NFL teams
but which is Sport Bookies’ favorite forthis year?
19.10.2021 - It's been a long wait for Californians. In fact, 1995 was the last year we saw a California NFL team win the Super Bowl. That was the San Francisco 49ers when they trounced the San Diego Chargers 49-26. Read more
The Most Popular Game in September 2021
Red Zone Action
12.10.2021 - NFL season is on and that means demand for american football games grew up. Result is first place in popularity contest during the month of September. Nice. Read more
The Best Rated Game in September 2021
12.10.2021 - Track and field or Athletics game is a bit surprise in this rankings but it is well deserved with the rating of 99.2%. Congratulations to the creators. Read more
A Beginner's Guide
to the NFL Draft
28.09.2021 - The annual NFL draft gives teams the opportunity to infuse their rosters with some fresh new talents. Osme players will provide an instant boost to whichever team selects them, others won't. Nonetheless, the chance that drafted players will lead their new clubs into glory makes teams compete for the greatest talent, be it in the first round, or in the last. Read more
Game of the Year 2020
Red Zone Action
17.09.2021 - After announcing best games of the year in sport categories, this time it is turn to announce the overall best games of the year 2020. After a surprising change in this rankings last year we have another surprise this year! Read more
Which Premier League Clubs
Play Thrilling Football?
17.09.2021 - The Premier League is the most watched football league in the world. It is broadcast in 212 territories to an immense 643 million homes, and has a potential TV audience of a staggering 4.7 billion people. That’s a lot of football fans. Now that the 2021/22 Premier League season has kicked off in England, it’s an understatement to say that most of these fans are ecstatic about their team’s chance to make this season truly one to remember. Read more
Soccer Game of the Year 2020
10.09.2021 - Goleada back to back! Soccer is the most popular sport and win in this category is very prestigious. Repeating winner might be a little surprise. Read more
The Most Popular Game in August 2021
My Racing Career
10.09.2021 - Best rated game returned to the top in popularity rankings during the month of August. Looks like real F1 season is heating up! Read more
The Best Rated Game in July 2021
My Racing Career
10.09.2021 - Long time best game on our site gets another win in monthly rating contest. It is time to try this motorsport game. Read more
Ranking The Top 7 Coaches
In The NFL
10.09.2021 - Following a rewarding season in charge of Super Bowl champions, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Bruce Arians has joined eight other Super Bowl-winning head coaches heading into the NFL’s 2021/22 season and there would have been 10 such coaches going into the campaign had Doug Pederson not been fired by the Philadelphia Eagles after 2020. Read more
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