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MMA Tycoon - Online boxing manager game

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Sport: Boxing
User Rating: 89.05% (5856 votes)
89.05% 89.05% 89.05% 89.05% 89.05%
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MMA Tycoon - Online boxing manager game


MMA Tycoon is a free to play MMA MMORPG - a must try game for all fans of the UFC or MMA in general.

You'll start by creating a stable of fighters and booking them in to fight in the Quick Fighting Championships. If you win in the QFC, you'll be offered a contract by one of the hundreds of user run fight organizations within the game. All fights are user vs user, so your success or failure will depend on your ability to gameplan against real world opposition.

We also have kickboxing only divisions and frequent submissions grappling tournaments, for extra spice. So if you want to play a BJJ/wrestling management game or a kickboxing management game, this is the best around too.

Other than training and fighting, you can also become a business Tycoon by opening up a fight organization, gym, clothing company, nutrition company, bookmaker or fight alliance.

MMA Tycoon is a great community full of MMA fans and general gamers alike, so you'll meet plenty of interesting people to partner with, join or create an alliance and work your way to fighting and business domination, to become the Ultimate MMA Tycoon!

You can play MMA Tycoon for free for as long as you like. If you would like to go VIP it's just $30 per year and you get loads of extra stats, fighters and company options. Why not come and give it a try?


Free to play.

Additional extras with VIP:
$10 for 3 months
$18 for 6 months
$30 for 1 year
VIP handed out as a prize for non-VIP tournament winners.


OSM Reviews



2013-04-17 19:40:59 Bragi (unregistered) IP: 178.36.*.*
I am playing in this game. It's one of the best browser game that I ever have played. It's unique game and it have something in itself. I bought a VIP and it's huge difference! I am trying to introduce my friends to this game because it deserve to grow!
2013-04-17 19:47:36 Nick (unregistered) IP: 79.78.*.*
Never been interested in a Text based browser game until I found this game just under 4 years ago. Never lost interest and been playing every day since. Great game and deserves all the praise it gets.
2013-04-17 20:28:53 kezz (unregistered) IP: 94.11.*.*
been playing the game for over 3yrs best online game iv ever played
2013-04-17 20:38:54 seprodrigo (unregistered) IP: 187.106.*.*
If you want a good, realistic MMA simulator, this is your game. I've been playing it since 2011 and it's huge fun.
2013-04-17 20:44:13 Kronix (unregistered) IP: 83.248.*.*
MMATycoon is game like no other. I've played for almost 3 years and I can say that it gets better and better all the time. One thing you should know is that this game is not a fast food type of game where you click a button and get a reward instantly. This game is so much better! because there are so many secrets hidden with in this game that it takes time to learn and figure them out BUT without the need to constantly watch over the game every second as the knowlage comes with experience, from playing the game and not by babysitting it. Most console games and pc games requires you to play for hours to become good and stay good. MMATYCOON allows you to evolve at your own pace without the need to spend hours infront of the computer. You tell your fighters what to do and they do the work for you, simple as that!
2013-04-18 00:34:33 Mike (unregistered) IP: 86.10.*.*
Hey, this is Mike that runs the site - hope to see some of you on MMA Tycoon soon :)
2013-04-18 03:34:12 Bowser (unregistered) IP: 99.239.*.*
This game makes you feel like your fighters are your kids. So addictive and awesome
2013-04-26 17:24:49 Timmy!!! (unregistered) IP: 82.9.*.*
There's no other boxing or martial arts game of any kind online that compares. Take 5 minutes to register and make some fighters and you will see!
2013-05-14 22:07:16 stefani lucy (unregistered) IP: 80.192.*.*
Best game around ..
2013-05-28 23:38:19 markyosullivan (unregistered) IP: 31.51.*.*
This is a brilliant game and I definitely recommend every MMA fan to try it out!
2013-07-22 09:29:58 CharlesLeeRay (unregistered) IP: 125.60.*.*
Awesome game with a friendly community and a very active forum.
2013-07-27 18:25:09 FluffyCat (unregistered) IP: 209.226.*.*
amazing game
2013-08-04 22:46:31 Moosh (unregistered) IP: 96.233.*.*
No one is lying... this is the best damned MMA game on the interwebs.
2013-08-04 22:46:43 Jax (unregistered) IP: 31.87.*.*
Possible one of the best games I have ever been involved in. Including console games. Cannot get enough of it. I would recommend highly to everyone.
2013-08-04 22:47:04 KiNg Justus (unregistered) IP: 50.70.*.*
Awesome game, been playing for almost 4 years now. The game continues to grow daily and the community is always helpful and welcoming. If you ever need a contract in Montreal, make sure you visit the OFC: Ontario Fight Club
2013-08-04 22:51:25 Aaron (unregistered) IP: 65.110.*.*
This is the only game, whether browser or otherwise (aside from series games) that I have played for multiple years. I started in June 2010 and love the game more and more every day!
2013-08-04 22:52:47 Jolon (unregistered) IP: 86.169.*.*
Fantastic game. If you're interested in the sport of MMA in general, join. You will not be disappointed.
2013-08-04 22:56:16 Ajhendo (unregistered) IP: 98.236.*.*
This game is the best thing since sliced bread
2013-08-04 23:05:08 yoshi245 (unregistered) IP: 174.67.*.*
An excellent game, been playing it for over 3 years now.
2013-08-04 23:12:23 Peel Steel (unregistered) IP: 92.39.*.*
Awesome game, been playing 2 years, so addictive and great value for money.
2013-08-04 23:21:01 verbalkint (unregistered) IP: 217.191.*.*
MMA Tycoon
2013-08-04 23:22:08 Hindsight (unregistered) IP: 76.99.*.*
Top notch online game. In depth and engrossing with a great community of people to play with and against who are happy to help you build your ideal fighter and take them to the top. Loving it.
2013-08-04 23:22:19 verbalkint (unregistered) IP: 217.191.*.*
Ok, looks like special signs are not welcome here lol, anyways:
Found many friends there from all over the world. Visit KAISER Fightwear and hit me up for some starting help, i'll sponsor all of your fighters.
2013-08-05 00:08:39 joe kingpin (unregistered) IP: 203.215.*.*
If you feel that you can make a champ and let him compete someday. Then, welcome aboard :)
2013-08-05 00:19:33 damien21 (unregistered) IP: 72.240.*.*
Way too random and chance based. Fights are just walls of text, your fighters true abilities are all randomized. The fight tactics are beyond tedious (its all based on percentages, with over 35 different things to set), you will lose fights by a couple percentage points. Let alone all the people pooling funds to bully other players. Do not waste your time TRYING to learn this complex mess of a game.
2013-08-05 00:23:54 Tony Martin (unregistered) IP: 211.30.*.*
I looked at other boxing/mma sim games and at first I didn't have much hope for a "slow burn game" but I gave it a chance and I became more and more involved with the game. They have a mentoring system, where people who have been playing the game for years will help you understand a lot of aspects of the game. Now I log in every day to see the progression of my fighters and how they are preparing for their upcoming fights!
2013-08-05 01:27:05 K-Rad (unregistered) IP: 203.29.*.*
The only true, free MMA Manager/Tycoon game on the internet. A good depth to fighter development, fight preparation and tactics and a solid business tycoon angle is also available to those interested. All of this is backed up by a very supportive and passionate community. Great game!
2013-08-05 04:24:51 Syn4Life (unregistered) IP: 109.192.*.*
great game. play it if you have any kind of patience for browser games.
2013-08-05 09:00:46 Django (unregistered) IP: 174.63.*.*
Great game. Patience required.
2013-08-05 09:34:47 Bigslick (unregistered) IP: 70.71.*.*
playing game for 3 years now, simply the best mma game out there. You dont have to check everyday, set your fighters training a week ahead and relax. no button mashing to punch, just train your punches and sit back. Love this game.
2013-08-05 09:41:10 Bigslick (unregistered) IP: 70.71.*.*
as for the guy saying there are too many tactics to set...well thats the point. Maybe not for the button mashers but more of a thinking mans game, build your fighters, train them how you want, plan fight tactics according to opponent or gameplan.
Not for complete mental midgets like damien21 but you dont have to be a genius either. Just have patience and give it a shot. For real mma fans or people who want to learn the sport, not the moron in the crowd booing because no blood has been spilled.
2013-08-05 09:46:03 Bigslick (unregistered) IP: 70.71.*.*
also the game gets regular upgrades and changes, no downloads required. Great support from guy who made game and tons of help in the forums.
2013-08-05 10:09:01 Co2be (unregistered) IP: 58.178.*.*
Best game ever :)
2013-08-05 17:31:14 Nice, paid votes... (unregistered) IP: 198.211.*.*
this means nothing else than the game sucks, probably...
2013-08-05 20:37:53 Mike (Game owner) (unregistered) IP: 86.10.*.*
Regarding the above comment, I sent out a mail in game asking people to come and vote for the site here (as any sensible game owner would). I paid nothing in game for the votes and couldn't even if I wanted to because there is no such system set up on this site. Thanks for your cynicism though and all the best.
2013-08-06 00:07:09 Pete (another gameowner) (unregistered) IP: 79.241.*.*
Dear Mike

Next time tell your friends too, that downvoting other games just to gain own rating is like cheating.

There is nothing against voting the own fav game up, but voting others down just sucks!

Best Regards
2013-08-06 04:16:15 Mike (@ Pete) (unregistered) IP: 86.10.*.*
Having had my own site voted down massively on here by people who clearly haven't played it, (I have sat and watched it happen), I would really appreciate it if you didn't accuse me of that. I have not and will not ask people to do that, despite having had that happen to my site. Instead, and you can confirm this with the owner of this site, I have mailed them specifically to give them an algorythm that they should use that would negate such practices. They're happy with their voting calculations so they aren't going to change it.

Anyway, all the best with your own site and please don't accuse me of encouraging downvoting because that's not something I would do.
2013-08-06 09:05:08 Pete @Mike (unregistered) IP: 80.82.*.*
don't worry, your game will get downvotes as my games do, as others is just sad to see a certain rating go down by more than 10% based on votes from players that never spent a second in these games...

and believe me, I had the same discussion with the siteowner here, and yes, antispam could be improved...

good luck
2013-09-23 11:36:18 A. Beezy (unregistered) IP: 68.118.*.*
Great game.
2013-10-07 09:27:14 antonio (unregistered) IP: 81.13.*.*
best management game around
2013-10-28 12:22:01 Scoob (unregistered) IP: 70.209.*.*
This game is amazing,slowly removing me from all other mmos... Hard at the beginning but one youl pick it up,you will realize its a great community and a great game!
2013-11-11 22:03:58 Jacman (unregistered) IP: 24.251.*.*
I have played a ton of other boxing/MMA manager games and non have given me the enjoyment that MMA Tycoon gives me. There are some good games out there but this one is by far the best.
2013-11-13 01:09:07 HalifaxUndead (unregistered) IP: 142.167.*.*
Awesome game. Great for MMA fans who will enjoy matchmaking running gyms, running clothing stores, and of course training fighters and having them fight MMA>
2013-11-14 03:58:40 racdyn (unregistered) IP: 203.116.*.*
Amazing game, best browser MMA management game in a long shot
2013-11-14 04:44:15 merv (unregistered) IP: 76.66.*.*
Sweet game if you like MMA.
2013-11-15 15:52:18 Vlado (unregistered) IP: 176.108.*.*
MMA tycoon BEST game ever :)
2013-11-16 11:54:23 roryd (unregistered) IP: 2.50.*.*
@Pete (the other game owner) False accusation. You are as bad as the people who down vote your games.

Anyway, MMAtycoon, as everyone else said, is great. I was never into these online games and thought they were lame and for nerds. But alas I stumbled upon MMAtycoon around the time that I started watching MMA and I'd probably find it harder to quit than smoking right now!
2013-11-23 02:29:52 delo (unregistered) IP: 66.87.*.*
MMATYCOON is the best mma game.
2013-11-23 20:13:47 ME (unregistered) IP: 76.125.*.*
Best MMA game I've Played.
2013-11-27 20:15:26 Juanma (unregistered) IP: 189.176.*.*
Best game ever!!
2013-12-01 16:53:43 caj (unregistered) IP: 76.66.*.*
If you like MMA, this game is for you.
2013-12-02 01:55:53 Krimzn (unregistered) IP: 24.141.*.*
Easily, the best MMA game out there. And for those who enjoy RPG's, this is really no different. Instead of battling fantasy monsters, you train your fighter to fight other player's fighters in user-run organizations. Detailed and in-depth with the ability to set your fighter's tactics via sliders, this is a hidden gem of the browser gaming world. Give it a try!
2013-12-02 14:14:44 Scoob (unregistered) IP: 70.209.*.*
Awesome game,join and learn, youll love it
2013-12-06 20:46:56 Scottrock87 (unregistered) IP: 173.34.*.*
This game rocks, highly reccommended
2013-12-07 17:43:24 zare666 (unregistered) IP: 75.234.*.*
this will be fun
2013-12-09 05:45:44 Shaun (unregistered) IP: 72.208.*.*
This game is pretty awesome. Lots of cool features and is very addictive. You jump up and down when you, and break stuff when you lose. Your fighters are a part of you. It's fantastic to watch them grow up day by day.
2013-12-11 06:10:40 lotos (unregistered) IP: 94.173.*.*
it is phat
2013-12-12 19:04:09 Umberts (unregistered) IP: 114.108.*.*
Best mma based game.
2013-12-12 23:51:16 killer (unregistered) IP: 31.172.*.*
umbert you sux
2013-12-15 16:52:48 byrk (unregistered) IP: 88.156.*.*
i highly reccomend this game
2013-12-16 02:34:09 delobrown (unregistered) IP: 66.87.*.*
Best mma game ever
2013-12-16 02:39:32 delobrown (unregistered) IP: 66.87.*.*
Best game ever
2013-12-16 02:41:01 delo (unregistered) IP: 66.87.*.*
2013-12-16 02:43:23 JDELO (unregistered) IP: 66.87.*.*
Da bomb
2013-12-16 12:06:11 Erik (unregistered) IP: 202.164.*.*
Can be a bit random, but it's the best MMA management simulation out there and it's made with a degree of intelligent design most browser games are utterly lacking.
2013-12-17 00:57:53 Eveas (unregistered) IP: 72.49.*.*
This is by far the best manager game on the net. The developer is a huge part of the community and always striving to get our input and make the additions to improve the game day after day. I have been addicted 4 years now.
2013-12-21 06:38:00 YoYo Mom (unregistered) IP: 72.208.*.*
Great Game
2013-12-30 01:13:56 ===D--- (unregistered) IP: 72.208.*.*
Best game out there
2014-01-02 21:54:10 Juanma (unregistered) IP: 189.172.*.*
MMA Tycoon it is so good that makes me feel like I'm inside the UFC world.
2014-01-09 00:18:30 delobrown (unregistered) IP: 66.87.*.*
By far the best mma strategy game currently online. The game is years ahead of the other mma fighting games
2014-01-19 23:24:21 zare666 (unregistered) IP: 75.238.*.*
great game
2014-01-24 16:45:53 gws (unregistered) IP: 88.255.*.*
cool game
2014-02-11 22:50:48 Delo (unregistered) IP: 66.87.*.*
ByFar the best mma game online!
2014-02-13 08:00:49 yeniceri (unregistered) IP: 88.255.*.*
cool game
2014-02-23 09:34:40 Beast (unregistered) IP: 82.37.*.*
10/10 ...... Nuffield said
2014-02-25 18:53:09 tried one time (unregistered) IP: 84.180.*.*
and didn't find it addicting...cannot recommend it
2014-03-03 07:16:18 turk (unregistered) IP: 85.99.*.*
cool game
2014-03-10 09:04:18 yeniceri (unregistered) IP: 85.99.*.*
cool game
2014-03-14 12:40:31 old (unregistered) IP: 85.99.*.*
pretty fun
2014-03-17 02:09:08 jj (unregistered) IP: 49.144.*.*
2014-03-23 21:30:33 Repe (unregistered) IP: 88.195.*.*
Good game!!
2014-03-28 21:00:40 ken (unregistered) IP: 161.6.*.*
Just started this simulator, but I an really enjoying it.
2014-04-05 04:27:00 Kanis Lupis (unregistered) IP: 24.21.*.*
I am sorry that it took me soo long to find this game,...../shrug, but i DID find it,...
please enjoy
2014-04-06 02:42:23 trav15 (unregistered) IP: 151.229.*.*
Ace game well worth the VIP pass
2014-04-11 17:57:28 Frank white (unregistered) IP: 151.229.*.*
Amazingly fun game VIP is a super good
2014-04-12 05:53:06 fastfrosty (unregistered) IP: 60.225.*.*
Wicked game. Goes in to fine enough detail where the thinking player will usually prevail. Highly recommended.
2014-04-24 22:08:02 max (unregistered) IP: 96.252.*.*
Played for three months, was fun at first but ultimately the sim is paper thin and there are so many screwed up things about the interface that it just started to feel like a chore
2014-04-27 10:20:55 Bernz (unregistered) IP: 89.92.*.*
Best browser gqme ever!
2014-04-28 19:48:54 desperadoKazakh (unregistered) IP: 95.91.*.*
best game!!!
2014-04-29 22:46:13 desperadoKazakh (unregistered) IP: 95.91.*.*
very good game!
2014-04-29 23:44:15 desperadoKazakh (unregistered) IP: 95.91.*.*
best fight game
2014-05-01 16:51:45 CL (unregistered) IP: 222.127.*.*
yo MMA Tycoon is the best! i feel like im dana white. but not bald.
2014-05-01 21:55:40 DK (unregistered) IP: 95.91.*.*
2014-05-09 08:50:44 Lakay (unregistered) IP: 92.90.*.*
Best browser game ever!
2014-05-11 00:19:16 Calvin (unregistered) IP: 82.145.*.*
Simply the best
2014-05-12 22:16:38 Calvin (unregistered) IP: 82.145.*.*
2014-05-14 03:39:09 Havenwest (unregistered) IP: 121.99.*.*
Great game must be tryed by all fight fans
2014-05-19 07:14:36 Enji Kun (unregistered) IP: 67.198.*.*
Awesome game!
2014-05-22 07:49:19 zwierzaczek (unregistered) IP: 151.248.*.*
Best in buissines
2014-05-27 14:27:24 Scoob (unregistered) IP: 70.193.*.*
Great game,just brilliant
2014-06-05 01:18:40 dk (unregistered) IP: 95.91.*.*
Awesome game
2014-06-11 16:02:48 Rus (unregistered) IP: 180.216.*.*
2014-07-06 02:46:24 Cian (unregistered) IP: 97.121.*.*
Fun Game. Played for years.
2014-07-10 04:43:44 Ulric (unregistered) IP: 49.151.*.*
2014-07-14 21:09:15 Breeze (unregistered) IP: 80.193.*.*
This game is awesome, you should definitely give it a shot if you're in to MMA or manager games!
2014-08-03 23:17:29 alcapone (unregistered) IP: 95.91.*.*
the best game EVER !!
2014-08-06 11:01:12 Summo (unregistered) IP: 180.216.*.*
2014-08-18 09:08:37 JS (unregistered) IP: 217.17.*.*
Love it!
2014-09-04 14:31:33 nilmar71 (unregistered) IP: 2.235.*.*
Best game ever! had to leave it for a while, now I am on board again!!!
2014-09-08 16:46:49 X (unregistered) IP: 78.56.*.*
The best MMA Online sim around (and the only). More and more people flowing in, it is getting really fun!
2014-09-26 05:27:25 Kanis (unregistered) IP: 24.21.*.*
This game,..too much to enumerate: Its the Sh!t.
2014-10-09 22:43:10 Srbindokoske (unregistered) IP: 91.150.*.*
Game is awesome!
2014-11-04 13:19:20 CageRage (unregistered) IP: 216.121.*.*
This game is great.
2014-11-10 23:28:35 GLADIUS (unregistered) IP: 72.27.*.*
2014-11-19 02:48:53 Giorgistpoop (unregistered) IP: 223.16.*.*
This game is so addictive! Can't believe this game hooks my life!
2014-11-20 01:02:01 mwt19744 (unregistered) IP: 50.76.*.*
Great game but its really Addictive. This is the only online game I play
2014-11-24 00:21:29 Fuuma (unregistered) IP: 70.178.*.*
2014-12-08 06:39:55 Madness (unregistered) IP: 74.215.*.*
This game is great.
2014-12-21 05:19:36 Bable (unregistered) IP: 24.153.*.*
Game is fun
2014-12-29 17:48:24 Kanis (unregistered) IP: 50.137.*.*
Intensity, empathy, respect, community, strategy for logistics, finances and creativity are just a few of the things that you will get here. a truly OUTSTANDING game
2014-12-30 00:28:34 handGrenaide (unregistered) IP: 96.3.*.*
Real-time strategy mma text based game.

Love it
2014-12-31 12:24:12 Asos (unregistered) IP: 85.73.*.*
MMA tycoon is constantly evolving with a great fight engine! Congrts unique of its kind!
Howver it can become even better
2015-01-01 12:40:35 Rabid (unregistered) IP: 120.29.*.*
I normally play 7 or 8 games simultaneously. Within a week after starting MMA Tycoon I dropped 5 of my other games and the remaining games barely see me anymore...
2015-01-02 19:38:41 Beast (unregistered) IP: 24.153.*.*
This games requires you to have intelligence about the sport. Nicely put together
2015-01-08 03:37:33 Chief (unregistered) IP: 58.178.*.*
Best game if you like mma and ufc this is your game
best management game ive played
2015-01-09 02:59:01 SILVA (unregistered) IP: 49.145.*.*
2015-02-01 08:26:29 Otg (unregistered) IP: 24.157.*.*
Amazing game super fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2015-02-14 20:14:57 Crixx (unregistered) IP: 174.135.*.*
Best MMA browser game hands down...
2015-03-19 15:01:30 giff (unregistered) IP: 162.72.*.*
2015-04-05 22:25:54 Melton (unregistered) IP: 166.137.*.*
Love the game. I've been playing for several years.
2015-06-01 08:02:47 Bwild (unregistered) IP: 45.52.*.*
Awesome game, cool community.
2016-01-08 10:41:48 tomo maloney (unregistered) IP: 78.17.*.*
Best MMA browser game
2016-01-13 18:20:38 chocoloko (unregistered) IP: 83.83.*.*
awesome game
2016-02-01 22:35:01 seawolf85 (unregistered) IP: 47.55.*.*
2016-02-08 22:30:04 Justus (unregistered) IP: 186.89.*.*
Hey, that post leaves me feeling folihso. Kudos to you!
2016-02-23 22:48:45 the Fuzz (unregistered) IP: 90.210.*.*
2016-02-25 01:13:15 jim (unregistered) IP: 90.210.*.*
2016-03-13 20:50:00 badman (unregistered) IP: 90.193.*.*
init bruv sick game
2016-03-25 11:44:10 Adel (unregistered) IP: 93.168.*.*
Dis is da game dat hve been lookng for, awesome game bru*
2016-03-30 05:40:18 Spurs (unregistered) IP: 91.184.*.*
When you join the game, find a good alliance.
2016-04-06 11:28:57 EJ Thribb (unregistered) IP: 92.3.*.*
Good game pretty helpful community. Do not gamble on the high/low game!
2016-04-25 06:33:59 LOD (unregistered) IP: 91.184.*.*
Best MMA game
2016-07-15 08:11:03 Bob (unregistered) IP: 91.184.*.*
Great game
2016-08-03 15:39:05 Machiabelly (unregistered) IP: 142.162.*.*
Best manager game I have found. Very helpful community. 5 stars
2016-08-23 06:40:26 Pong (unregistered) IP: 91.184.*.*
Best game
2016-08-27 02:55:48 delo (unregistered) IP: 107.77.*.*
mma tycoon is the best
2016-08-31 08:08:25 delo (unregistered) IP: 107.77.*.*
Great strategy game
2016-09-01 07:39:19 DELO (unregistered) IP: 107.77.*.*
The best mma game online. Plus the game is only getting better. With more features all the time.
2016-09-03 13:55:53 james (unregistered) IP: 95.151.*.*
best mma game out there just wish i had found it sooner
2016-09-21 20:40:02 Sub (unregistered) IP: 46.236.*.*
2016-10-16 13:02:19 DELO (unregistered) IP: 107.77.*.*
Best MMA game by far. JD Smith
2016-11-02 05:46:20 JD Smith (unregistered) IP: 107.77.*.*
Number one MMA game JD Smith
2016-11-02 06:01:04 JD smith (unregistered) IP: 107.77.*.*
Best online MMA game! JD Smith
2016-11-04 13:48:44 DELO (unregistered) IP: 107.77.*.*
Best MMA game by far.
2016-11-07 11:38:34 dikefalos (unregistered) IP: 109.242.*.*
the best MMA game!
2016-11-21 17:20:12 welldone (unregistered) IP: 70.80.*.*
2016-12-01 11:36:40 JD Smith (unregistered) IP: 107.77.*.*
2017-02-05 16:52:13 DarkCaver (unregistered) IP: 188.34.*.*
Been playing all sort of MMOGs for a long time I ve just joined this one and I can say I am impressed by the precision and the detailed interface.
2017-02-17 20:29:36 JD Smith 62963 (unregistered) IP: 66.87.*.*
Best game period.
2017-02-25 00:58:35 Roben (unregistered) IP: 93.169.*.*
How can I download this game?
2017-03-01 21:53:46 JD Smith 62963 (unregistered) IP: 66.87.*.*
2017-03-20 00:15:18 JackHendry (unregistered) IP: 112.198.*.*
Best simulation game ever.

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