Online Sport Manager Games

Online Sport Manager Games

AFC Historical Record - NFL Playoffs
01.01.2021 17:15:00 - Only twice in NFL history 11-5 team did not advance to playoffs - 1985 Denver Broncos and 2008 New England Patriots. But in both cases there was an 8-8 team which advanced as a division winner and there were 6 spots in playoffs from each conference. Read more
How to Pick the Best - online soccer manager game
01.01.2021 17:00:00 - There are so many online browser based soccer management games on the internet. Users do not want to play the worst one of course but there are many other attributes which do not fit every manager's preferences. Read more
Looking for Accumulator Insurance - in online sport managers
21.12.2020 21:00:00 - Imagine that you manage a team and have an important match on schedule where win means everything and lose means nothing. you prepared for a long time for this one game and now everything, all the hard work is wasted. Read more
Easy to Play - sport management games
18.12.2020 22:00:00 - Some people complain that it takes a lot to successfully play a sport manager game. But it is not true. There are online games which do not require so much attention and so much to start being successful. Read more
Is Sports Betting - Legal in Michigan?
14.12.2020 21:00:00 - Since the Supreme Court voted to overrule the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PAPSA), states across the US have been free to legalize and regulate sports betting. As soon as the result was declared, several states such as Delaware and New Jersey set up regulations to allow sports betting operators to establish themselves. It wasn’t long before other states followed suit, and in December 2019, Michigan passed legislation to sports betting and fantasy sports. Read more
Sport Management - The African Way of Business
12.12.2020 12:00:00 - Africa is no different to the other world in terms of sports passion and competitiveness. Young children are dreaming big about their future. Especially those from poor families have great motivation to improve seeing this opportunity to become successful and improve the quality of life of their families. Read more
Managing a Sports Team - Exciting Experience Watching Sports
11.12.2020 20:40:00 - If you come to our site, you are obviously interested in sport management games. But why does somebody want to manage a fiction sports team? Well not everybody gets a chance to manage a real sports team, but almost every fan thinks that he can manage his favourite team better himself. Read more
A Look at the Exponential Rise - of eSports
04.12.2020 17:40:00 - A different type of sport, eSports are defined by organized, multiplayer video game competitions, often involving some professional players. In fact, studies have shown that eSports participants should be seen as real athletes by the public, because they experience physical strain similar to that of other sports while engaged in tournaments. Read more
The Most Popular Game in November 2020 - Red Zone Action
01.12.2020 15:08:00 - Dominance of american football game in popularity rankings continues for another month! Good luck with repeating it in december! Read more
The Best Rated Game in November 2020 - Basket Pulse
01.12.2020 15:07:00 - New basketball game with huge support from its community took the pennant in November with another basketball game on the podium. What a surprise! Read more
The Most Popular Game in October 2020 - Red Zone Action
01.12.2020 15:04:00 - With NFL regular season started after long Covid restrictions makes the win for American football game an easy call! American football games went pretty well this month. Read more
The Best Rated Game in October 2020 - My Racing Career
01.12.2020 15:01:00 - October is here and best online motorsport management game in the world is back on top with almost perfect rating! Read more
Super Bowl LV Bets - Can Steelers Steal A March To Clinch the 2020 Lombardi Trophy?
01.12.2020 13:55:00 - Every year, the NFL brings an exciting season for every fan to look forward to. Although it got delayed because of the COVID-19 crisis, the 2020 NFL campaign managed to start a strong season. The matches successfully pushed through even without the audience. Also, the betting games remain intact, which is the sole reason why this league continues to survive this year. Read more
Are Spurs heading for - a Football Manager-style win?
24.11.2020 20:20:00 - As anyone who follows the Premier League will know, one of the most colorful managers around is Jose Mourinho. The 57-year-old Portuguese coach has also made a fantastic start to the 2020-21 campaign, demonstrating every ounce of his tactical expertise by leading Tottenham Hotspur to the top of the table. Read more
MMA Manager - The Go-To Mobile MMA Management Game?
14.11.2020 20:10:00 - Throughout the past decade, mixed martial arts has gained a global following. With champions from all over the world, it’s hardly surprising that MMA is now one of the fastest-growing sports, with organizations such as Bellator, One Championship, and the Ultimate Fighting Championship spearheading its rise. Following its recent real-world success, the all-action blend of various fighting styles has crossed over into the gaming world. Along with console productions like UFC 4, mobile management titles, such as MMA Manager, have also hit the market. So, let's take a look at the Prey Studios development. Read more
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My Racing Career
97.3% 97.3% 97.3% 97.3% 97.3%
Track King
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68.98% 68.98% 68.98% 68.98% 68.98%
Dugout Soccer
68.9% 68.9% 68.9% 68.9% 68.9%
Dugout Online
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Motorsports Manager
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Online Boxing Manager
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Cycling For Fun
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Online Tennis Manager
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63.63% 63.63% 63.63% 63.63% 63.63%
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59.07% 59.07% 59.07% 59.07% 59.07%
Moto Manager
57.6% 57.6% 57.6% 57.6% 57.6%
9 Inning Baseball
57.12% 57.12% 57.12% 57.12% 57.12%
56.56% 56.56% 56.56% 56.56% 56.56%
56.54% 56.54% 56.54% 56.54% 56.54%
50.77% 50.77% 50.77% 50.77% 50.77%
26.03% 26.03% 26.03% 26.03% 26.03%
I like to play blackjack. I'm not addicted to gambling. I'm addicted to sitting in a semi-circle.
Mitch Hedberg
If you must play, decide upon three things at the start: the rules of the game, the stakes, and the quitting time.
Chinese Proverb
I’ve learned the lesson that the worst thing that can happen to a gambler is to let his recent losses or wins knock him off keel emotionally.
Andrew Beyer
Good management is the art of making problems so interesting and their solutions so constructive that everyone wants to get to work and deal with them.
Paul Hawken