Online Sport Manager Games

Online Sport Manager Games

7 Reasons Why NFL - Is Worth Putting Your Money On
22.07.2021 13:05:00 - Football is the most popular sport in the USA and that attracts a strong betting crowd. Whether you’re already a fan of football and the games hosted by the NFL or you’re just looking for an active gambling community that can make you some cash, here are our seven reasons why the NFL is worth betting on. Read more
Betting on basketball - for newbies
20.07.2021 14:10:00 - The NBA playoffs are in full swing and with the final coming up in July, many of the more inexperienced punters out there (especially those in states where betting has just become legalized, such as Ohio) will be wanting to know what the best way to bet on basketball is. Even seasoned betters in other sports will need to know a few tricks and tips when it comes to betting on a sport like basketball. Read more
Athletes to Watch out for - at Tokyo 2020
19.07.2021 21:20:00 - Although it’s been delayed by a year, the branding remains unaltered and the Tokyo 2020 games are about to get underway. The 32nd summer Olympics begins on July 23rd and the action will draw to a close just over two weeks later on August 8th. Read more
A simple guide - to understanding betting terms
07.07.2021 14:30:00 - Sports betting has never been more popular in the USA, following the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down the 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, which largely outlawed sports betting outside of Nevada. Read more
Five Reasons Why Australian Rules Football - is the Greatest Game in the World
25.06.2021 21:10:00 - Unless you’re located in the land down under, you might not have seen too much about the game of Australian Rules Football. It’s one of the most unique sporting spectacles you’ll ever see with an amazing combination of speed, skill, athleticism and toughness that appeals to fans worldwide. Read more
Four Ways to make watching sport more fun - at home
23.06.2021 12:35:00 - Have you been wondering how can you make watching sports at home more enjoyable? It's possible, and we'll explain how. Read more
NBA 2021 Next - standings and predictions
22.06.2021 19:45:00 - The 2021 NBA Championship is finally on the Playoff stage, and we have various matches lined up for the weekend. Los Angeles Lakers won the 2020 NBA Champions and were looking forward to defending the title. Last season, the Lakers put forward a strong fight to bring the Larry O'Brien Trophy for the 17th time home. Read more
Why Have Virtual Sports - Become so Popular?
22.06.2021 19:25:00 - Those of us who grew up in the later half of the 1970s or during 1980s were lucky enough to witness the beginning of the Information Revolution. Some individuals may have even owned a home computer. Of course, the chances are high that these devices were used for mainly entertainment purposes. Although there were many sports-related games to enjoy, a great deal was lacking in terms of strategy, realism and the ability to interact with other players. Read more
How Does Harry Kane’s International Standing - Compare In Management Games & In Real Life?
22.06.2021 19:10:00 - In the eyes of fans and other players alike, Harry Kane is considered a generational talent and arguably one of England’s all-time great strikers. This is thanks to his high international standing which leads him to be one of the first names on Gareth Southgate’s team sheet for every friendly and tournament. In the world of management games, however, things could look very different. Read more
Wallabies vs France - Test Series July 2021
11.06.2021 17:25:00 - The Australian Rugby team have recently announced a three-test series against the French national team. The Wallabies will be looking forward to the games as a real test for their players. The condensed set of fixtures has been drawn up to work within French club commitments. Read more
Hockey Game of the Year 2020 - WebSimHockey
11.06.2021 17:10:00 - This is not a surprise anymore. WebSimHockey is the best hockey game out there. And by far! Read more
The Most Popular Game in April 2021 - F4Football
11.06.2021 17:04:00 - How about this nice soccer game which just got the second win in popularity monthly ranks? Last month it was a surprise to see the game on top, but this month it is even bigger surprise to see the repeat! Read more
The Best Rated Game in April 2021 - Hattrick
11.06.2021 17:03:00 - Hattrick the best rated game of the month? I think it never happened before. This game is a traditional soccer management game, but we never had so much success on our site. Well done! Read more
What are fantasy sports leagues - and how do they work?
02.06.2021 13:50:00 - Fantasy sports leagues are types of online games/leagues where you assemble virtual teams with real players of a specific professional sport. Once composed, the teams compete against others based on the statistical data and performance of the players in actual sports leagues. A team’s performance is converted into points compiled and summed up according to a roster that’s chosen by every fantasy team’s manager. A league commissioner manually calculates the points, manages them, and coordinates the entire league. Read more
In The UK - Which Sports Are Online Gamblers Betting On?
02.06.2021 13:45:00 - The United Kingdoms’ gambling industry is one that can be considered unique in the gaming world, each year sees growth within the industry. Not many countries have year on year growth, but the United Kingdoms’ love affair with gambling is going strong. Over 45% of adults in the United Kingdom gamble in some form each month, and 65% are gamblers aged 21 or under. In 2019 the gaming industry in the United Kingdom reported that the Gross Gaming Yield (GGY) was 14.26 billion British pounds, or nearly $20 billion USD. A huge market that is being fueled by the rapid rise of online gambling, half of all gaming revenue in the United Kingdom comes from online gambling. Read more
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