Online Sport Manager Games

Online Sport Manager Games

Is Eddie Jones The Man To Lead - England To World Cup Glory?
20.05.2018 10:35:00 - We are now just one year away from the 2019 World Cup and England are rocking after a disappointing Six Nations campaign. Eddie Jones’ men had won 22 of their previous 23 tests prior to the 2018 competition but lost three matches in a row to Scotland, France and Ireland – results that sent shockwaves across the rugby union world. Eddie’s England are now very much there for the taking, especially away from Twickenham. Read more
Basketball Game of the Year 2017 - Buzzer Beater
20.05.2018 10:10:00 - In this fourth category of our yeary awards we might see another basketball games era started. After years of dominance by Charazay now we have third year of dominance by another game. Read more
American Football Game of the Year 2017 - Red Zone Action
20.05.2018 10:05:00 - The best american football game is a winner once again. Creators of this game did a very good job as the second game is also from their workshop. Read more
Tennis Game of the Year 2017 - Rocking Rackets
20.05.2018 10:00:00 - This is the annoncement of the yearly award for best tennis games. As usual it is the second yearly award for the 2017 year. The winner of last year won again! Read more
The Precarious Existence - of the Soccer Manager
11.05.2018 00:35:00 - If you think being an online soccer manager is stressful, imagine what it is like for a top coach in real life situation. Yes, they are well rewarded but the job is often a thankless task and in many cases, a short-term one. Reputations can be tarnished overnight and glory can be hard to achieve and for some, the profession demands a life of constant upheaval. To gain a better understanding of the world of soccer management, let’s take a look at some statistics related to the job. Read more
U.S. Masters - Gold Quiz
05.04.2018 18:55:00 - Having been in played every April since 1934 in the city of Augusta in Georgia, The U.S Masters Tournament is one of the most esteemed major championships in the history of professional golf. It was first started by at-the-time amateur champion and lawyer Bobby Jones - who is now considered one of the most significant and influential figures in the history of the sport. Read more
Cycling Game of the Year 2017 - Cycling Fantasy
31.03.2018 00:21:08 - Cycling is the first sport for our annual Game of the Year awards. This is the 2017 edition! Winner swapped the position with our bronze medal game from last year and second place stayed the same! Read more
Most Popular Games in February 2018 - My Racing Career
31.03.2018 00:15:00 - Hell yeah! February is perfect month for this motorsport game thanks to taking also the second prize! Well done! Read more
The Best Rated Game in February 2018 - My Racing Career
31.03.2018 00:13:00 - Finally My Racing Career is back! It took few months during the Formla 1 offseason until this motorsport game got the best rating prize! Read more
Most Popular Games in January 2018 - Red Zone Action
31.03.2018 00:11:00 - This is no more a surprise, the same game winning again for the third straight time. NFL playoffs surelly sealed the deal! Read more
The Best Rated Game in January 2018 - Track King
31.03.2018 00:08:00 - Ok so previously there have been suprise winner thanks to not many people voted for the game but all of them voted positively and this month we have the same situatin with another game. Track King horse racing manager is the winner of the first month of the year! Read more
Most Popular Games in December 2017 - Red Zone Action
31.03.2018 00:05:00 - Second month in a row american football game is the most popular game on our portal. Must be due to the fact NFL season is coming to the finals and fans are extremely excited about the game. Read more
The Best Rated Game in December 2017 - Velo Manager
30.03.2018 23:58:00 - I don`t understand how cycling game get any prize in december. Does nto make sense, all cyclists are sleeping... Maybe because not many fans are active in games and voting, it is easier for all of them to vote positively. Read more
Future Stars to keep track of - in different management games
05.03.2018 22:55:00 - One of the most exciting things about playing a sport management game has to be discovering a hidden gem. A player, a horse or a car that is going to take you to the top. Someone or something that you can watch grow and improve your in game performance. These are particularly good in sports like soccer, where you can pick up an 18 year old and watch them take you to European and World glory. However it can also be great in racing management games when you discover a little tweek or boost that is going to improve you. Read more
The key to successful - Sports betting
05.03.2018 22:05:00 - Sports and betting have gone hand in hand since time immemorial. And placing the right bet, on the outcome of a battle in ancient times or a championship match today, can make all the difference in how well you feel or how wealthy you are at the end of the day. Read more
Sport Betting Resources
The best sport betting Apps - 2015/2016
09.06.2015 09:00:00 - 2015 was the best year yet for sports betting apps with leading brands such as Bet365, William Hill & Winner either launching or upgrading their offerings. The massive increase in the demand for betting on the go is definitely something is going to change the way we place our wagers today. Read more
The top sport betting review sites - 2015/2016
09.06.2015 08:00:00 - As sports betting action grows a lot of casinos now are trying to get in on the action with their own sports book, with 888, William Hill and Winner being to name just a few. A top tip is that the bonuses offered by these sites is better than what you can get at specialist sports books. Read more
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Track King
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Cycling For Fun
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9 Inning Baseball
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56.47% 56.47% 56.47% 56.47% 56.47%
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49.03% 49.03% 49.03% 49.03% 49.03%
24.52% 24.52% 24.52% 24.52% 24.52%
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