Online Sport Manager Games

Online Sport Manager Games

Most Popular Games in July 2017 - My Racing Career
03.11.2017 17:55:00 - With another month looming there is never a change coming for popularity competition on our site. My Racing Career got the win again... Read more
The Best Rated Game in July 2017 - WebSimHockey
03.11.2017 17:50:00 - Ice hockey manager game in summer? Well at least for our voters it sounds right... Perfect score by the way, not so many votes, but still counts... Read more
Most Popular Games in June 2017 - My Racing Career
03.11.2017 17:15:00 - Again another month with total dominance of My Racing Career. After win in rating competition we have them winning popularity contest. Read more
The Best Rated Game in June 2017 - My Racing Career
03.11.2017 17:10:00 - After two unusual months with perfect rating but lower number of votes for cycling game, we had returning winner with very high rating calculated from much more votes. Read more
Most Popular Games in May 2017 - My Racing Career
26.08.2017 16:15:00 - In popularity monthly rating we have winner which is on top of this rating for a long long time now. It is difficult to beat game which have hight ratings every month and lots of positive votes. That said My Racing Career deserves respect! Read more
The Best Rated Game in May 2017 - Velo Manager
26.08.2017 16:10:00 - Two games with perfect rating is something we never experienced before. Altough we still have tie breaking rule to find the winner, which is higher number of votes. Therefore we have repeating winner from the previous month. Read more
Most Popular Games in April 2017 - My Racing Career
26.08.2017 15:25:00 - Altough in the rating contest we had a surprising winner, in popularity competition no change is present. We obviously can expect better stability here thanks to google standings and not just actual voting motivation of game players... Read more
The Best Rated Game in April 2017 - Velo Manager
26.08.2017 15:20:00 - Cycling manager game got to the first place for the first time in a long time. Velo manager is just one of the cycling games on our site, but certainly the best one in April 2017. Read more
How to Win Money - the First Time You Bet on Horses
27.07.2017 19:05:00 - In times gone by betting on horse races was considered a rite of passage for men everywhere. However, times have changes and while horse racing is still ‘The Sport of Kings’ the days of going to the track are long gone by. Just because times change doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t know how to bet on horses and, more importantly, how to win money the first time you bet on horses. With that in mind, please read on and learn how to act like a pro when you really have no idea what you are doing. Read more
5 Tips for Successful Sports Betting - Every Time
25.07.2017 14:05:00 - Nothing in life is without risk and sports betting by its very nature is one of the riskier endeavors we can possibly undertake. It’s not that sports betting is a matter of life or death – at least for most of us – but it’s that the outcome is completely out of the control of the punter. Read more
Most Popular Games in March 2017 - My Racing Career
22.05.2017 14:35:00 - No real change was expected in our popularity ranking. And no major changes are present. Maybe just a rugby game in top 10 after a long time. Congratz! Read more
The Best Rated Game in March 2017 - My Racing Career
22.05.2017 14:30:00 - Cricket manager game crushet into top 3 in these ranking. Altough they were just short of the win training My Racing Career by inches. Read more
Game of the Year 2016 - My Racing Career
03.04.2017 17:00:00 - After announcing best games of the year in sport categories, this time it is turn to announce the overall best games of the year 2016. Winner is a famous and now already traditional motorsport game. Congratulations! Read more
Soccer Game of the Year 2016 - Dugout Soccer
03.04.2017 16:50:00 - This is soccer (or association football) edition of best games of the year 2016 rankings. Finally this is the first category we have different winner than last year! Read more
Motorsport Game of the Year 2016 - My Racing Career
03.04.2017 16:50:00 - In the sixth category of our Game of the Year awards - Motorsport games. And surprisingly we have exactly the same order in the top 3 as last year! My Racing Career repeated the win for the 5th time which means we never had any other winner in this category! Absolutely best motorsport game. Read more
Sport Betting Resources
The best sport betting Apps - 2015/2016
09.06.2015 09:00:00 - 2015 was the best year yet for sports betting apps with leading brands such as Bet365, William Hill & Winner either launching or upgrading their offerings. The massive increase in the demand for betting on the go is definitely something is going to change the way we place our wagers today. Read more
The top sport betting review sites - 2015/2016
09.06.2015 08:00:00 - As sports betting action grows a lot of casinos now are trying to get in on the action with their own sports book, with 888, William Hill and Winner being to name just a few. A top tip is that the bonuses offered by these sites is better than what you can get at specialist sports books. Read more
Recommended Games
My Racing Career
96.57% 96.57% 96.57% 96.57% 96.57%
Dugout Soccer
72.07% 72.07% 72.07% 72.07% 72.07%
Track King
71.01% 71.01% 71.01% 71.01% 71.01%
69.65% 69.65% 69.65% 69.65% 69.65%
Motorsports Manager
68.06% 68.06% 68.06% 68.06% 68.06%
Online Boxing Manager
67.8% 67.8% 67.8% 67.8% 67.8%
Dugout Online
67.1% 67.1% 67.1% 67.1% 67.1%
Velo Manager
66.35% 66.35% 66.35% 66.35% 66.35%
66.32% 66.32% 66.32% 66.32% 66.32%
64.97% 64.97% 64.97% 64.97% 64.97%
Cycling For Fun
64.35% 64.35% 64.35% 64.35% 64.35%
Online Tennis Manager
64.11% 64.11% 64.11% 64.11% 64.11%
62.32% 62.32% 62.32% 62.32% 62.32%
9 Inning Baseball
60.58% 60.58% 60.58% 60.58% 60.58%
60.13% 60.13% 60.13% 60.13% 60.13%
59.27% 59.27% 59.27% 59.27% 59.27%
Moto Manager
58.42% 58.42% 58.42% 58.42% 58.42%
56.51% 56.51% 56.51% 56.51% 56.51%
55.66% 55.66% 55.66% 55.66% 55.66%
49.62% 49.62% 49.62% 49.62% 49.62%
49.03% 49.03% 49.03% 49.03% 49.03%
24.52% 24.52% 24.52% 24.52% 24.52%
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