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Game Article: A New Season dawns in Track King

Horse Racing Manager

30.03.2011 - Next week marks the start of Season 15 in Track King - It's the perfect time to sign up and start your own Virtual Stable - for FREE!! Track King is parter and it is highly recommended horse racing manager game!
Last Seasons winners have their trophies and ribbons proudly on display in their Trophy Cabinets, have won (and possibly spent!) their prize money, and in many cases have promoted to a higher Class of racing. Others have moved to a new Track for some new challenges. Starting in the first week of April, it's time for a new season, with some old rivalries rekindled and some fresh contests to start!

The League Races for next season have been scheduled, and it's the perfect time to start plotting your success! Will your sprinters be quick enough to win you some valuable prizemoney? Can your stayers hang on and earn you the League Points? Or maybe you'll want to take a back-seat in your League, and putting your best efforts towards winning a Cup? The options are there, and there's fresh pastures to explore!

Win Owners Club with Facebook, or by inviting your friends!

Track King has now registered as an App in the Facebook store! Connect your stable with Facebook on the 'Personal Details' page, and then every time you use the Facebook icon to post a message from inside the game, your Stable goes into the draw to win some Free Owners Club or Game Credits! It's that simple!

Don't have Facebook? That's no problem! Invite your friends to play, and tell them when they register their new Stable to use your username as a 'Friend Code' at the end of the registration process. Make sure they sign up from their own computer though - if they use a connection that you've already logged in from then you won't be eligible! If they sign up and actively play Track King for at least one month, then you'll be added to the draw. And if they purchase Owners Club, then you'll have even more chance of winning!

Start your Virtual Stable now for FREE at Track King - all the fun of owning your own Race Horses, without the mess!!