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Sport: Cricket
User Rating: 72.37% (1046 votes)
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From the Pavilion - Online cricket manager game


From the Pavilion, or "FTP" is a free Internet browser-based cricket management game. It is one of the fastest growing online games, boasting a rapidly growing member base. During a match, commentary, graphs and scorecards are displayed for both teams, adding that extra bit of realism when playing.

You make the critical decisions that will ultimately affect the success of your club. You are in control, selecting players for each match, assigning batting and bowling orders, supervising training programs, upgrading your stadium and wheeling and dealing on the transfer market.

Then, on match days, you then have the option of watching the action via live commentary. You are able to experience every wicket, run and near miss unfold as it happens.

The players in From The Pavilion are fictional and exist only in the game. They all have a skill set of Batting, Bowling, Technique, Power, Fielding, Keeping, Endurance, Captaincy, Experience and Form. Each skill is rated on a scale of Atrocious to Legendary, and the ratings of all skills combine to provide the player with a rating and a weekly wage which is roughly representational of their skill level.

Players train every week in their respective senior or youth academies and the area each player trains in is set by the user on a weekly basis. As a player invests money into their academy its level increases in proportion to the amount invested, with respect to the national academy investment average. Players in the Youth Academy train faster then those in the Senior Academy, however once players reach 19 years of age they will receive no benefit from training at all until promoted into the Senior Academy.

As a player plays a game they fatigue with every ball faced, bowled, fielded or captained. Energy can only be recovered by 2 ways, at the end of every day the player recovers a little, or resting the player from training for the week will also allow him to gain some extra energy. Any player playing on less the "Rested" fatigue will have a reduction in skills, making control of fatigue a vital part of the game.

Each team has a ground (members can name theirs) with a starting capacity of 5000 and can be expanded. The pitch type can be changed for each type of game (SOD, T20, YOD) and each pitch type has an advantage associated with it, from a hard pitch advantaging batters to a crumbling or uneven pitch giving spin or seam bowlers the upper hand. Each country has a particular weather condition for a given day which cannot be influenced by any user. Each weather pattern also affects the fatigue players accrue during the game, a hot day will make it harder for players to perform and result in faster energy lost.

For each match, orders for each team (entered 30min prior to the toss) are entered, giving players orders from Defensive to Aggressive and setting a teams Captain, Wicket-Keeper and Bowling order.

From The Pavilion also has a transfer market, where players can be auctioned off to the highest bidder. It costs $1000 to list a player on the market and the listing will remain for 72 hours




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2011-03-23 20:59:52 unk (unregistered) IP: 83.67.*.*
I have tried several times to register with this site, but to no avail. This would appear to the Marie Celeste of the cricket sim world. No-one replies to anything. Shame really :(
2011-04-19 22:59:05 wolfberries (unregistered) IP: 90.201.*.*
Excellent game, there are 4 cricket management Sims that I know of and FTP is easily the most realistic and fun one out there.
2011-05-11 19:48:16 Thonapa (unregistered) IP: 115.241.*.*
If you love Cricket, You will find FROM THE PAVILION to be the best cricketing managerial game ever made.

No other game comes near.

I love it
2011-06-01 05:39:27 Dani (unregistered) IP: 216.80.*.*
Battrick suks they dont let u make new accounts if u r stuk with ur first team than thats it u r done with the battrick so thats y the FTP IS THE BEST GAME EVER ON PLANET WELL NEXT GEN CRICKET IS BETTER BUT ITS NOT RELEASED
2011-06-16 03:23:41 Sid (unregistered) IP: 59.101.*.*
No doubt the most enjoyable cricket sim I have ever come across. Clean layout, great training program and realistic match results.

2011-07-01 21:16:12 Midnight (unregistered) IP: 89.168.*.*
Good one-day game engine, surrounded by a reasonable orders system, a tidy website, and active forums. One big plus - every player trains.
2011-07-04 11:57:39 conor401970 (unregistered) IP: 89.204.*.*
I've been playing FTP for 6mts now and am totally addicted. Great cricket management game. 10/10
2011-07-21 23:07:33 Husaman1 (unregistered) IP: 59.183.*.*
This game is magnificent...Once you sign-up and get a hang of things, you will be addicted! Rating 9.9/10!
2011-08-29 11:46:14 P0rtn0iGambit (unregistered) IP: 189.124.*.*
Amazing game you do not even have to have a big knowledge of cricket to know how it works but knowing about cricket in a cricket manager game helps :D :D :D :D :D :D: D: :D :D :D :D D:
2011-10-20 05:19:33 Glamhams (unregistered) IP: 203.152.*.*
You really can't go past this game! I have played many manager games and this beats them all hands down. Been playing since Jan 11 and log in every day. Give it a go, dude, it's free as!
2011-10-20 05:45:54 jonesy (unregistered) IP: 124.169.*.*
been playing this for a over year. great community, great game.
2011-10-20 16:48:24 hydrox (unregistered) IP: 27.106.*.*
Excellent cricket simulation game. Commentary system is great to follow. The simulation match engine is one of the best with T20, ODI and youth match formats. This is definitely the 5 star online management game for Cricket.
2011-10-22 10:23:37 crowfan (unregistered) IP: 114.74.*.*
Been playing for 3 years and it is not only the best online cricket sim game but the best sim game of them all.
Try it and you will love it
2011-11-02 16:53:24 Pez (unregistered) IP: 121.221.*.*
Fantastic game: easy to follow layout, good match engine and enjoyable no matter how much time you put into it, whether you log on once a week or twice a day... however it becomes addictive. :D
2011-12-07 05:20:06 OziBatla (unregistered) IP: 121.221.*.*
Brilliant game. If you like cricket and online management games then you should definitely check out FROM THE PAVILION.
2012-01-03 11:29:35 hads (unregistered) IP: 84.208.*.*
best online cricket manager game around. So much better than its nearest rival, battrick
2012-02-02 05:39:52 Jithu (unregistered) IP: 117.239.*.*
great game....
really addicted

I recommends to all cricket lovers........
2012-03-07 21:53:21 MrMungo (unregistered) IP: 86.170.*.*
Excellent game. Friendly people (you can request a mentor (free) on the forums), free to play, good game rules to help you along the way, and I personally like the training format where everyone gets to train.
The youth team is also an enjoyable aspect of the game. Effectively, you are in charge of 2 teams.
In a way, it is simple but there's also a lot to it if you fully want to master it.
For me, the only downside is 3 matches in a week and no First-Class matches. I'd personally like a little more, but I guess 3 games in a week is a happy medium between those who play a lot and those who don't get to spend too much time online.
All-in-all, an excellent and extremly addictive online game.
Can provide hours and hours of fun completly free of charge!
2012-04-10 01:02:40 nantwichcc (unregistered) IP: 90.200.*.*
This game is great 1 thing that really helped is that you can get a mentor start you is free aswell.

About some people not being friendly I think 1 or 2 people just get a little in patient when new players don't now the rules.but most of the guys are good people.

1 negative is that you have got to been playing the game for 3 years to be half decent at it but it is really good fun.
2012-04-20 09:16:40 sta-shaun (unregistered) IP: 84.57.*.*
The best cricket sim I've played, and one of the best online sports sims I've found.
2012-04-26 21:38:30 Vic (unregistered) IP: 77.166.*.*
Awesome game, awesome features. Makes you even learn things about the King of Sports.
2012-05-10 13:02:14 Cactus (unregistered) IP: 118.92.*.*
Great banter and simple, yet complex game. More in the fact that you can spend unlimited amounts of time occupying yourself. For users of all age and competitiveness. My favorite management game online, and I have been playing for 5+ years, and continue to get the same enjoyment that I did when I first started playing.

Truly an amazing game
2012-06-24 09:23:36 gazman55 (unregistered) IP: 190.213.*.*
very good game newly joined.....but occupies my time everyday......very realistic and entertaining
2012-10-05 19:44:56 EdwardL (unregistered) IP: 122.169.*.*
Simply amazing, superb attention to details.
Its almost real with the 'live' commentary, and on the right side of your screen you also get to see how the other 6 team from your league are performing for a top spot.
Lovely mentor program for newbie, and also lots of importance given to members about sharing their thoughts, views, & suggestion to further keep improving the already perfect game. :)

Kudos to Ash & From The Pavilion Team!!!
2012-11-12 21:08:14 maddog40 (unregistered) IP: 92.8.*.*
Just brilliant. tried to get into battrick but it's just not FTP.....

Many thanks to ash and everyone involved to give us this brilliant game:)
2013-01-03 21:09:11 GreenTurtles (unregistered) IP: 27.0.*.*
The best ever cricket management game I played on net. Thumbs up for the team, they did a great job. Best of luck to them.
2013-01-20 09:25:50 ssmith88 (unregistered) IP: 60.226.*.*
Far better than Battrick because it has autobidding and other advanced features.
More realistic training and cleaner interface too.
I wished it incorporate Test matches though.
2013-03-22 08:33:41 jabatito (unregistered) IP: 88.6.*.*
Definitely the best cricket management game on the internet. Live commentary makes it great fun to watch as the comments are well worked out and even hilarious at times. The game technical management is always looking forward to introducing elements of variety and the community is ample and well spirited. Thumbs up to FTP
2013-03-26 00:18:55 Springer (unregistered) IP: 90.200.*.*
Its a great game I would like the orders to be more tactically advanced and more player info but the structure is spot on
2013-08-12 08:27:12 Leghari (unregistered) IP: 182.186.*.*
Just found out about this game recently and regretting why hadn't i found it alot earlier. It's the perfect cricket experience one could have through an online management game. Its amazing and very addictive and a treat for people who are competitive. Thumbs up
2013-09-15 12:41:15 Tungsten (unregistered) IP: 27.252.*.*
Best cricket management game out there, I've been playing for a few years now and login every day.
2013-09-20 22:38:24 Madcarrot (unregistered) IP: 14.202.*.*
if you play this game, I will personally give you a free thumbs up.
2013-12-15 15:50:40 HariEee (unregistered) IP: 37.228.*.*
Awesome game ! Nearest to reality than other management games. But Tests can be included .But in overall , its beyond compare !
2014-01-09 07:46:20 sourav008 (unregistered) IP: 122.163.*.*
Awesome game! Just Awesome.. In cricket management game FTP is the best. No game can compare with FTP.
2014-01-24 02:20:34 Pavel (unregistered) IP: 123.232.*.*
This is one of those things where you just scarcth your head and go, "Why?" Why does this happen again and again and again. To be fair, some of the rules are a little complex (not murky, just complicated), like you can have two (I think) second jobs, studying counts as a second job, volunteering counts as a second job, etc., and Immigration should clearly present these. Maybe a handbook for people as they get their new ARC (is there such a thing already?). I think if things were clearer to both teacher and hagwon, there would be far fewer such incidents, but they wouldn't completely disappear. There would be hagwons too balli balli to follow all the regs, and there would be teachers to lazy to follow them (yeah, I've run into some of these inexplicable types; I think I elaborated on it once here). Still, I think most of the problems would go away, since I believe most teachers and most hagwons are willing to follow the law.And right there you have your answer why volunteering also counts as an off-visa activity, because people who are not legitimately volunteering would claim to be doing so.
2014-03-05 23:24:15 Quiana (unregistered) IP: 129.16.*.*
Apparently, in real-life few underwriting selectiones are so easy or clearcut. When QuotesChimp make an application for insurance you reach the underwriting desk having a mixture of features that'll be thought to be possibly favorable (showing a low hazard to the corporation) or unfavorable (showing a high-risk to the corporation). The underwriters will think about your whole record account and choose whether, in general, you present an ordinary threat to the corporation (typical), a high-risk (sub standard), or a low jeopardy (favored). Favourite threats provided and will soon be rapidly approved the most favorable cost. Typical threats provided and will undoubtedly be recognized the conventional cost. Sub Standard threats may be declined, or approved in the problem which they spend an increased cost or, at times, they take lesser rewards.
2014-03-06 14:12:59 raceguy (unregistered) IP: 50.121.*.*
Racing Manager
More races,more series
2014-05-19 11:10:29 SunnyCricket (unregistered) IP: 95.18.*.*
Best Cricket Sim ever!I really enjoy it and i watch every match live because its really interesting and been playing since Feb Last year.
2014-07-04 16:30:54 player (unregistered) IP: 76.68.*.*
Played it for a few months, not very good, pretty lame with too wide a random nature. Your game orders have very little effect because the wide range of randomness has too great an effect. You can tell one batsman to attack and he will bat longer and score slower than a similar batsman on defensive orders. Pointless management. Player skills have little effect on their averages.
2014-12-03 08:20:44 FTP Player (unregistered) IP: 49.224.*.*
They don't come much better then this game, excellent game that keeps you coming back for more, easy to get a basic understanding and then I've you start digging into the more complexities of the game, you can stop
2015-04-22 08:26:24 Adhir (unregistered) IP: 70.39.*.*
It is the worst game I have experienced. They will ban you anytime without valid reason...........
2015-06-27 07:03:57 ghost (unregistered) IP: 122.50.*.*
You are right Adhir it is the worst game. They ban every team without reason. They banned my account without giving any reason. Then I opened another account which they banned again. They only keep the pavilion members. At first I thought it was a good game but later it looked no good. Commentary is not so good. They always repeat the same commentary. Match engine is also not good. Nothing works according to match orders. Very often bowlers bat better than batsmen. Academy level is also of no use. Highest academy level is almost same as the lowest academy. Player skills also don't affect much. Seniors receive same amount of training as youths. Also there are no test matches. It will waste your time at first. After playing for a few months your account will be banned without any reason. Even if you ask about it they will not reply at all.
2015-11-06 21:36:22 Jat (unregistered) IP: 94.4.*.*
Been playing for over 2 years now and intend to continue for many years to come. Absolutely brilliant cricket management game, free to play with many stats & live matches are out of this world. If anyone can better this then I'm all ears!
2015-12-05 15:43:01 Marlinspike (unregistered) IP: 105.228.*.*
Brilliant ! As a keen cricketer and understanding tactics, the game features everything a manager would like to see. Match play is exiting, as though you are sitting next to the field during the actual match. Cant wait for my next league matches. Great work !
2016-02-08 22:22:27 Jailene (unregistered) IP: 124.122.*.*
Superb inmiafrtoon here, ol'e chap; keep burning the midnight oil.
2017-04-16 11:26:12 jinks (unregistered) IP: 94.4.*.*
Out of this world cricket management game. nothing else comes near. I've been playing for a few years now and will continue to do so for many more to come.
2019-08-09 09:58:18 ouija (unregistered) IP: 151.227.*.*
Anyone got a contact email for these guys,? I can't get an activation email from them as it keeps saying internal error when I request it.
2019-09-06 18:37:19 Strange Fellow (unregistered) IP: 193.176.*.*
The site is down, theyve been struggling to update it since the owner of the site changed
2019-09-26 14:12:37 battler (unregistered) IP: 115.64.*.*
Actually the server crashed but it is all back and running fine. Still a great game with some more activity then there has been for a long time
2020-06-15 09:33:24 Reggie (unregistered) IP: 84.247.*.*
I have been playing FTP since 2013. The previous owner passed away and a new team took control. Unfortunately this was bad for the game, as the MD is only trying to make money out of the users. No new features are being introduced, and they are taking away the option to select your player's nationality, unless you pay to become a member. I am sorry, but I don't recommend that you waste your time (and money) on this game.
2020-06-16 10:45:00 JPT (unregistered) IP: 89.238.*.*
You're right mate. The recent change to youth recruits will kill the game. The community is already very small and now they are chasing away more players. All just for a cash grab. I feel sad to leave, but it's not worth it to play anymore. Crowfan should have selected better management to support him, instead of guys looking to get rich from a browser game.
2020-06-17 10:39:02 Dirk Reeck (unregistered) IP: 185.80.*.*
I play other sport management games, and this was always my favorite. To be successful in the game, you have to play a long time and I am playing around 3 years now. I build a good team of Dutch players, but now I cannot do it anymore or I must pay a fee for it. I don't understand why they change it, it does not make sense. A good game wasted. There are better games to play for free.
2020-07-03 05:13:02 TheDon (unregistered) IP: 193.115.*.*
Couldn't be further from the truth, they have implemented many new features in the last 9 mths. Of all of them the one which they allow members do choose the nationality but not non-members I think is fair. Been a member for a long time and nice to get a little something extra. The game is still free to play because people like me pay so you don't have to.
2020-07-03 05:38:32 The#1gamer (unregistered) IP: 110.174.*.*
No new features
This comment line makes no logical sense.
in the previous 12 months they have created not 1, but 2 new competitions, altered the ageing of players, introduced a new set of international matches and provided more support for new players....
Seems like this player may not be happy about 1 change and has decided to make 1 negative review compared to 0 positives after 7 years
2021-01-30 18:16:23 quirkilyalive (unregistered) IP: 103.77.*.*
Playing this game for just 6 months, and it has been really fun. The management and community is pretty responsive and helpful. The game is fun to play and the layout and design is easy to use. The management also brings routine changes to improve the game.
2023-07-29 22:32:28 kato (unregistered) IP: 79.78.*.*
This game was great before the new management. It has since gone from strength to strength. Over the last three years many improvements have been made to the game which had grown somewhat moribund.

I can understand that that non-members were dissapointed when choice of nationality was taken away but bills have to paid and Crowfan has done a fantastic job of saving a wonderful game that was in danger of dissapearing without notice.
2023-07-31 10:15:05 Fake_Baz (unregistered) IP: 171.61.*.*
I love this game! Its one day match engine, simple and clean UI, player training methods, quality of life features for free users like training pop indicator, blogs etc;

I personally don't mind limiting Nationality for free to play users as most of my pulls are from associate nations which I feel helps balancing available talent pool for overall Nat scenario

There are regular friendly series like PSL as well. Discord community is pretty active too


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