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There is no better place to promote web-based online sport management game around the internet than Visitors of our site are perfect the target users for your game!!! We are looking for partners who can promote their game at our website. The only thing partners need to do is to promote our website at their websites. That will make the business for both sides perfectly, your users can help promote your game here too. What we can offer to our partners?
  • Partner games - Our partners will be added to our recommended games list which is shown at main page.
  • News - Our partners will be able to write news about their games at news section.
  • Users to your game - Our site produces about 450 daily visits to all games. 30% from those is going to our partner games. In average that means that to every partner game we give about 9 visits per day, compared to 1.7 visits to non-partner game.
  • Users viewing profile of your game - There is about 1000 game profiles viewed by our visitors. 28% of those are our partner games. It is also good to know that 10 games with best rating makes 34% of those profile views.
Just contact us at

Callback Functionality

You don`t need to be the partner for this functionality to be available. This might strongly help to boost your game rating!

Callback After Voting Article

First of all you need to create a script on your server which will be called by us after every vote with callback identification - callback script
After that all you have to do is instruct your users vote using url like this:
Obviously you need to replace YYY with the id of your game on this portal and XXX is your identifier of the user who would vote for the game.

You can use a code like this to get a voting button:
<a href='' target='_blank'>
<img src='' border='0' alt=''>

Then you need to do is to contact us at this email ( so we set the callback script for your game.

After every vore we call your callback script and post this two parameters:
$_POST['reference'] - this is your identifier of the user from the url you called.
$_POST['valid'] - this is 1 if vote was valid vite with same reference did not vote this month yet, 0 if vote is not valid - same reference already voted. Keep in mind that every user can vote only once every month.
$_POST['counted'] - this is 1 if vote was counted to the game rating after all the antispam protection, 0 if vote is not counted.