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Game Article: GP 2011 Carset Available

Formula 1 at Batracer

11.04.2011 - New Formula 1 season started few weeks ago but creators of Batracer did not sleep too long and the carset for current season is already launched so you can compare your tactical skills with other drivers in realistic 2011 season conditions!
The carset includes all new features from real F1. The teams have decided to re-introduce the Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) which gives extra power at the touch of a button but of course the device comes with a weight penalty. Completely new feature is a DRS system (Adjustable Rear Wing), which helps drivers to pass their opponents on selected parts of tracks. The carset also includes different tyre behaviour. Pirelli replaces michelin in real F1 and FIA asked them to create tyres with bad durability. It should be very interesting.

There are also changes in Calendar. The new track in India is open so there is one more Grand Prix there. Unfortunatelly due to political issues Bahrain Grand Prix has been removed.

The carset includes all 12 teams. It is just sad that due to legal issues teams in the carset have only modified names. For example there is no Red Bull in the start list, but there is Red Bell instead. McLaren was renamed to McLewis, Ferrari to Team Wales, Lotus Renault to Sotul Reno. The good think is that car designs are very similar to real F1 teams designs so different team names does not destroy the game fun completely. Names of engines and tyres are also changed.

Anyhow the first impressions of new carset are very good so we strongly recommend to try it!

Check the game profile here!!!