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Game Article: Beginning of 5th Season

Two Out Rally

01.04.2011 - Two Out Rally announced today that Season 5 of the popular, web-based fantasy baseball massively multiplayer baseball simulation will begin Friday, April 1 and bring some exciting changes to the universe of the World Baseball League. With the highest tier of the league now available and 2,000 games played daily, competition is at an all-time high. New features will allow players to achieve even more control over their players and teams.
In order to deepen the experience of team ownership, two new features are being introduced for team owners: General Managers and the Trading Block. Team owners now have the ability to hire general managers to share the joys and burdens of ownership with friends. The Trading Block allows owners to drop disappointing players or acquire their new superstars throughout the course of the season. For owners and players alike, Two Out Rally will, for the first time, begin providing WPA data. WPA breaks down the relative importance of every event in the game, then shows which players came through when it counted and which choked under the pressure. These new features, along with some exciting new options for pitchers, allow players to customize and control their teams and players more than ever before.

Two Out Rally is a free to play fantasy baseball MMORPG. To reserve teams or players for Season 5, visit Two Out Rally game profile