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Hardwood - Online basketball manager game

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Sport: Basketball
User Rating: 91.46% (123 votes)
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Hardwood - Online basketball manager game


Hardwood is an online strategic management game and computer basketball simulation that lets you control your own college basketball program. Recruit players, watch them grow and improve and then control their game time decisions. Each program competes against other programs at their level with the winners promoting up a pyramid of conferences and the losers dropping down. Additionally, there are conference playoffs and 64-team national tournaments at the end of each season to cap off your season of success. Hardwood Online College Basketball has players from over 35 countries and is entirely free.




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2019-05-24 14:16:41 jakala (unregistered) IP: 112.215.*.*
The game is fresh new !
The community is good !
Admin is very reasonable !
One match every day !
What are you waiting for, join Us !
2019-05-24 21:33:23 Philliesworld (unregistered) IP: 174.226.*.*
Great game...from the creator of Brokenbat comes a dynamic college basketball experience.

I helped with the beta version and from the very beginning it has been a pleasure of an experience. Good solid game engine. And the recruiting aspect is what makes this game so special. For both casual and diehard players. And relatively fast paced, one game per day. Seasons move along nicely with very little dead time in the off-season. Give it a shot you won't regret it. Oh, and like already mentioned the community is like no other, both on the forums and the discord server.

2019-05-27 14:51:35 Derkrieger (unregistered) IP: 81.213.*.*
Great game with a huge database. Recruiting is thrilling. One gets to control almost every aspect of a bball team.
2019-09-29 02:55:33 Rocker (unregistered) IP: 192.95.*.*
Two thumbs up!

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