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Game Article: Analyzing the Driver Characteristics


29.03.2011 - At the begining of every season at Batracer you can set one or two special driver characteristics. If you are interested to find out what exactly that does and how it can help you, you should read this article. It basically represents opinions of experienced drivers on this issue based on their own analysis and observation.
Mechanical Sympathy. You are able to gently stroke and convince your car home to thefinish line.
This allows you to set your Mechanical Sympathy slider in driving style to very high value towards abusive. If you set it to 100 you would encounter only few breakdowns during the races. If you set it lower you might never see your car breakdown again. This way you will get the best performance by abusing your car but still get great reliability.

Wet Weather Warrior. In wet conditions you really shine, able to put in a fast lap and attack the competition regardless.
This allows you to set your Pace slider for Wet conditions in driving style to very high value towards fast. If you set it to 100 you would get nice speed bonus with reduced risk of spinning out, or crashing in wet weather. Lower value will still improve your speed but your reliability will be even better.

Pole Sitter King. One off fast laps are your speciality - enjoy a healthy bonus during your fight for pole and find speed when you need it most in a race.
This driver characteristic gives you a great speed bonus during qualifying. It is much better than Speed Demon, but it have no influence during races. Some theories also says it probably allows you to set 100 pace for qualification without risking an accident, but you still have to avoid traffic.

Speed Demon. You don't shine in one particular area: but instead are generally fast be it dry, wet or going for pole.
This driver characteristic gives you a small speed bonus during qualifying and race too. It is not so significant as Pole Sitter King, but it works in race too. Some theories also says it probably allows you to set higher qualification and race pace without risking an accident, but not 100 when some errors still occurs.

Consistent. Being able to setup a good rhythm allows you to stay within your limits: and on the track.
With this skill you can set 100 race pace without driver errors so your lap times are pretty consistent.

Super Fit. Taking personal fitness to the extreme gives you great stamina throughout the duration of an entire race.
Your fatigue increases during the race and with higher fatigue you make more errors and drive slower. With this skill you don’t have to worry about that. You drive more consistently and you gain advantage at the later stages of the race, especially in long races. It is also very good to set race tactics to have better good speed at the end of the race.

Concentration. When out on the circuit on your own you can turn in a steady state of speed without the visible benchmark of another car.
This is similar to Consistent skill. You get no speed bonus, but will enjoy low number of errors, spins, crashes and so on during the race.

Lucky. More often than not, you always seem to avoid the worst share of luck in your team.
Basically this skill helps you to prevent unlucky events like crash in qualifying, suffering mechanical failures, loosing laps when testing and so on. It is also believed that it reduces damage from collisions but it is not confirmed yet.

Committed. You have full belief in yourself, your car and your team - and this shows in your ultimate results.
You get some speed bonus when driving at worse position than selected Target Track Position in race strategy.

Cool. In the thick of the action you are at your best, being able to overtake and pull off difficult manouveres.
This skill reduces the probability of collision or driver errors when fighting for position on the track. It is also believed that it allows you to pass your opponents where it is very difficult for others. It also helps you during race starts.

Aggressive. Battling for position your opponents should beware - you won't think twice about letting them know who is boss.
You can set your aggression slider in driving style to 100 with reduced risk of collisions when fighting for the position on the track. It is also believed that it helps you to overtake your opponents easier.

Thinker. Correctly analysing your car and it's setup is a great strength to have.
You should get superb results when testing, because you can set experimentation slider to 100 without any problems. Many believes that this is best skill in the game, although I am not so sure. If you are able to have perfect setup without it, it does not help you at all. But you need good teammates or enough luck in tests. I also wears down the tyres quicker, so it is not so awesome in series like V8 where you have only very limited amount of tyres.

Charisma. People love you and just want to help out: you always get the most attention from your team.
It is similar to Thinker skill, because it helps you in tests but not as much as Thinker. You can also set your mechanics slider in driving style to 100 without pit-stop errors.

Control Freak. As the lights turn green your opponents can't see you for dust as you perfectly judge clutch, throttle and available traction.
You might not win so many poles but you can set your race start slider in driving style to 100. It helps you gain more positions during race starts.

Wisdom. Experience from countless competitive events makes you a formidable foe to your rivals.
You can set qualifying pace to 100 without crashing or being held by another car, but you are not so quick as Pole Sitter King. It is also believed that with this skill you can set your rival in race strategy without any penalty. If you set the rival you get some speed bonus when driving at worse position but it also increases driver error probability.

Spatial Awareness. You are able to judge your car perfectly allowing for every inch of the track to be used, and every overtaking opportunity to be exploited.
It helps you to overtake your opponents more easily without risking a collision and you still do not need to be much faster than him.

Bender. Bending the rules is your game - if there is a loop hole you can and will exploit it!
This is the mystical skill in Batracer. That means no one knows for sure what it makes. Some people believes that it can help you to not lose any time when both you and your teammate wants to make a pit-stop on the same time like for example when safety car comes out, but it is not confirmed.