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News: Game of the Year 2011

My Racing Career

06.03.2012 - After announcing best games of the year in sport categories, this time it is turn to announce the overal best games of the year 2011. I believe you will be surprised who won :)
Ok this is huge! It is obvious that this is the most prestigious category and that is the reason why we announce Top 5 games here. And it is also a bit surprise that the winner is the game which is not in full version yet, but thanks to huge support from the game community and weaker competition in motorsport, helped the game to achieve this award. It must be no secret that this game is by far the most popular game here with more than 6000 reffered users from our portal to them during the whole year.

The soccer and hockey version of Powerplay Manager got the second and fifth place respectively. Online tennis manager got the last podium rank and Blackout Rugby finalized the Top 5 at hourth position.

I also would like to mention that in Top 10 we had also Tennis Manager, Free Kick, CFForever (cycling game), Grand Prix Racing Online and Buzzer Beater (basketball game).

Congratulations to the winner, see you next year :)

So here are the best online manager games of the year 2011:

1. My Racing Career
2. Powerplay Manager Soccer
3. Online Tennis Manager
4. Blackout Rugby
5. Powerplay Manager Hockey