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F4Football - Online soccer manager game

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Sport: Football (Soccer)
User Rating: 73.60% (1316 votes)
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F4Football - Online soccer manager game


F4Football is an online multiplayer football manager game where you test your football management skills against real human players from all over the world. You build and develop your team from scratch, slowly build your club infrastructure, improve your playing squad and compete for the biggest trophies in a virtual footballing game world. You are in charge of everything at your club, from hiring coaches and other staff, training your players, trying to get a bargain in the transfer market, and managing your club’s finances and facilities.


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2021-03-05 20:30:34 SoccerFan (unregistered) IP: 27.62.*.*
Simple but addictive game, easy to use interface, and game progress fast.
2021-03-06 07:37:34 Varey (unregistered) IP: 117.206.*.*
Just the kind of football manager I was looking for! Kudos to the developers
2021-06-17 13:54:04 Rajesh (unregistered) IP: 27.62.*.*
Fast season and very realistic. The role of staff is something unique I have not seen in other games
2021-08-30 06:00:30 L 1950 (unregistered) IP: 67.160.*.*
New game - started 2021. Lots of depth. A casual player can log in once a day and do reasonably well, but the game does reward putting in more energy. Seasons go fast: 30 days. A minimum of 32 matches each 30-day season. More if you advance in Cup competitions or playoffs. Add up to 60 more matches if you schedule friendlies. You start with a decent squad of brand new players, quite capable of handling most of the bot teams. Your initial budget is plenty to add a few players once you figure out what kind of talent you want. Hire a 90+ Scout before you go shopping. Hire Coaches, and a Physio. Start building your facilities. The developer is very active in the game. That's a huge positive. Helpful friendly community.
2021-09-08 22:31:02 makmak (unregistered) IP: 176.58.*.*
It is Fast and has tactical depth.
Quick progress, many managerial options.

You don't watch the grass grow, things evolve quickly
No pay 2 win, game rewards activity

Algorithms look reliable.
Devs improve game, friendly community

Weak point:
Twisted GUI but can be used to it easily

2022-02-03 09:49:38 Arty (unregistered) IP: 5.15.*.*
This game has a big problem. Here it's waste of time to train young players because the experience of the players is more important than players skills.
Very stupid for me. So if you love to train young players, then stay away from this game!
2022-05-06 10:53:38 Alles (unregistered) IP: 94.101.*.*
Great game! Would be nice if more active users will join.
I really like players skill vs. experience balance. It feels very realistic and adds some depth to player development, since you constantly need to give youngsters some playing time and loan them out in order for them to devdlop.
Fast progress is also great: one season lasts for one month.
2023-01-25 12:14:56 JMH (unregistered) IP: 71.244.*.*
I stopped playing this one because it's a poor game. The game is designed in a way where it will take new users forever to catch up to users who have been managing since the beginning. This is because of all the facilities that need to be upgraded over time and are critical to success in the game.

Additionally, this is not a realistic football manager game. There are many problems with it. One of which is that crazy custom formations can work well without being exploited by the opponent. Experience is overpowered, making old veterans more important for a lineup than players in their prime age. These are just a few of the many things making this game unrealistic. You should find another football manager that strives for realism and lets you manage real clubs.


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