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News: Hockey Game of the Year 2021

Eiszeit Manager

15.08.2022 - After years of dominance by the NHLPA officially licensed game we have a surprise change in the rankings this time. Eiszeit Manager climbed the ladder slowly but at the end of the day they found themselves on top.
Eiszeit Manager moved up from the third place while officially licensed game by the NHL Player Association dropped to third place.

HockeyArena keeps the high level and got the second place now. Last year the Hockey Dynasty came up from nowhere to the second place but this time they got out of the top 5. Hockey Plan got the 4th place.

PowerPlay Manager Hockey is back in top 5 but that still must be a bad surprise. Seems like last year was not just a bad luck and the game is getting worse.

So here are the best online hockey manager games of the year 2021:

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