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Eiszeit Manager - Online hockey manager game

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Sport: Hockey
User Rating: 70.18% (228 votes)
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Eiszeit Manager - Online hockey manager game


At EZM you get inserted as general manager and coach of your own hockey franchise. Start at the bottom with a few bucks and amateur players on an old ice rink. Climb up the leagues by building up your franchise step by step in all areas including tactics, player transactions, training, arena and finances.

Every day is a gameday, so you never get bored by guarantee. The matches will be simulated by the game enginge and can be reviewed in a live text broadcast and with a full boxscore and play-by-play. Additionally you can comepte in cups and friendlies against your friends or every other manager.

A clear design with some lovely retro graphics let you concentrate on the essential basics of your GM activities. Even if the game has not a high learning curve, it offers a lot of depth for months.

The game is free to play and you can´t buy success or game advantages by spending money to the game.




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2012-11-11 07:04:08 Hubble (unregistered) IP: 188.168.*.*
Thanks Margot. I will definitely write about that but more under pennosrel than leaders and managers. Micromanagement is definitely a huge problem. But so is almost no management. In my experience, the church tends to end up on one of those extremes rather than in the productive area that lies in between the extremes. I think the key to healthy oversight is to focus on outcomes, not how people get the outcome. So we tell an employee, This is what we need to happen. It is your job to make it happen. Let me know if you need any help, additional resources or someone off of whom you can bounce ideas. Then let them do their job. If they get the outcome, great. If they don't, then we need to have a conversation about why not. More on this when I get to pennosrel stuff.
2013-12-10 10:21:50 EZM (unregistered) IP: 132.176.*.*
Game is also available in english, you can change language from german to english ingame.
2015-04-28 15:43:24 Hills (unregistered) IP: 92.227.*.*
This is areat hockey manager game!
I am playing and enjoying it since 2011.
There is a live community and forum (although this is in German) the game (site) can be displayed in English too!)
It's totally free! However, you can support the developer (he's living for his game!), but you can't buy anything (tokens) to boost your team or to have advantage over other manager.
The game is very easy to understand and you only need to put into a couple of minutes daily.
Definitly deserves 4**** or more! Check it out yourself!
2017-10-30 20:04:16 Dunn (unregistered) IP: 89.238.*.*
It does not seem like the deepest game, but it's fun. In the forum you can meet an idiot moderator, but where not?
2017-10-31 20:56:51 ST (unregistered) IP: 88.72.*.*
The game description for Eiszeit Manager (Ice Age Manager) is out of date!

Eiszeit Manager, EZM for short, has long been offering English and Italian as a language.

Otherwise, interesting game - you should take a look.

The game is „Made in Germany“!


Game Screenshot - Eiszeit Manager Game Screenshot - Eiszeit Manager Game Screenshot - Eiszeit Manager Game Screenshot - Eiszeit Manager Game Screenshot - Eiszeit Manager