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Game Plan Hockey - Online hockey manager game

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Sport: Hockey
User Rating: 64.48% (202 votes)
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Game Plan Hockey - Online hockey manager game


Game Plan Hockey Manager is a free to play online hockey manager game that is played directly in your browser. It’s designed for desktop computers as well for smart phones and tablets. The game was developed with focus on four core features.

Love for stats
Hockey fans love their stats. Most of us can browse hockey databases for hours and why shouldn´t a game offer the same possibility? Therefore all player and team stats are highly detailed, saved over the seasons and plays an important role in the game, not least when picking your next transfer target.

That realistic feel
Although the game doesn´t contain real players or teams, it´s designed to feel as realistic as possible. Even with a great roster you won´t win any games if you don´t pay attention to players confidence, contract happiness, fatigue, the team spirit or even who you pick as captains. It all adds up to what makes a team a success or a failure.

Details matter
Height, weight, skills, age, psychological profile, you name it - it all matters. Every detail you see in the game is of importance. Nothing is for show. And why should it? A manager game is all about the little things and it´s by paying attention to the details that can give a manager an advantage over his or hers fellow competitors.

Play by play
No one wants a random game result. That´s why all games are simulated play by play. Your players will face the opponents players shift by shift throughout the entire game. The tactics you choose will be up against your competitors. This will force the game momentum to change, so choose them wisely.


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2015-04-27 01:35:57 Chris (unregistered) IP: 65.94.*.*
I can tell you that this one of the most modern user interfaces and approaches to an online hockey manager.

The developer is top notch, the game is free and it keeps getting better and better.

Try it out and come join the community chat.
2016-06-11 00:46:59 Kuensami (unregistered) IP: 162.212.*.*
Extremely toxic community (full of know-nothing imbeciles), poorly thought-out game features, unresponsive mods/devs, fatal game flaws, players quitting left and right due to players abusing rules.

Awful game, don't waste your time 2/10
2017-02-10 21:00:06 Auston (unregistered) IP: 72.143.*.*
The community is great and active. The game is always being updated from user suggestions. The guy above is a tool.
2017-07-21 17:24:06 granpubah (unregistered) IP: 199.241.*.*
fun game. bugs, yes but they do get fixed. join up plenty of space for newbies!
2019-08-08 14:34:45 bouncer (unregistered) IP: 147.32.*.*
Great manager game - one of the best (if not the very best) for ice hockey. Good community (although quite small), but the best is the creating team behind it - constantly improving, reacting to users wishes and problems. Well done project.
2019-08-14 23:55:58 Deadwing (unregistered) IP: 89.166.*.*
This game has come a long way from the humble roots. With the recent 2.0 update it's by far the best hockey manager game out there, and I've gone through quite a bundle of them. Definitely my permanent home, giving me my daily manager fix in a very pretty package.


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