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News: Hockey Game of the Year 2015


12.04.2016 - This is the fifth category of our Game of the Year award! We selected 3 best online hockey management games based on the rating and the popularity statistics. In the 2015 edition of this award we have repeating winner again!
Winning game is a good game licensed by NHL Player Association, where you can manage your favourite NHL team. This game was very popular and also pretty good rated.

This time we have new game on second place. Game Plan Hockey was added to the directory only recently, but seems to have good reviews among the users. Well deserved second place with ambitions to move to the top next year.

The third place game is the game which stayed on the same spot from last year!

Powerplay Manager Hockey, runner-up from last year dropped to the fourth place.

So here are the best online hockey manager games of the year 2015:

Winner is awarded with a nice badge from our portal: