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News: Hockey Game of the Year 2014


14.05.2015 - This is the fifth category of our Game of the Year award! We selected 3 best online hockey management games based on the rating and the popularity statistics during 2015. And the winner is again the same game as the year before. WebSimHockey is one of the best online games around therefore this victory is well deserved!
Winning game is a good game licensed by NHL Player Association, where you can manage your favourite NHL team. This game was very popular and also pretty good rated.

The second placed game is bouncing in this ratings on second or third place every year. Powerplay Manager Hockey is well established quality game. It was the better rated game in 2014 but the popularity rating was far worse than WebSimHockey, therefore the second place is adeqate here.

The third place game is new on our portal added just during 2014 but it was enough to break into top 3! It was the best rated hockey game of course failing to overcome popularity disadvantage. thid place is nice anyway. Well done!

So here are the best online hockey manager games of the year 2014:

Winner is awarded with a nice badge from our portal: