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News: Most Popular Games in July 2013

My Racing Career

15.08.2013 - There are 2 signifficant changes this month in top 3. The winner stayed the same, but the margin between first and second place which is the same as before is much bigger thanbefore. There is also change on 3rd position with the cycling game overtaking the soccer. Congratulations to creators!
Here is the list of top 10 July 2013 games.

1. My Racing Career
Motorsport manager
2. Red Zone Action
Football manager
3. Cycling For Fun
Cycling manager
4. Dugout Online
Soccer manager
5. Velo Manager
Cycling manager
6. Grand Prix Racing Online
Motorsport manager
7. cycling4freaks
Cycling manager
8. Charazay
Basketball manager
9. Hockey Dynasty
Hockey manager
10. Online Tennis Manager
Tennis manager

My Racing Career the best online formula 1 manager game is on top again and this time it is by more than 1.4% which is very big difference comparing to rpevious months.
Red Zone Action stayed second, but we have Cycling For Fun getting into third place. Look to the fifth and seventh place and you see that the Tour de France played a big role in sudden improvement to cycling games. Dugout Online dropped one spot again and is now fourth.

Soccer offseason plus Tour de France made signifficant change in our sport ranking. Well soccer is still most popular, but it dropped around 5% to just above 15%. Cycling is now second with rating above 10% which is more than 5% increase. Motorsport stayed where it used to be before, except now it is 3rd place with about the same. Basketball dropped a little to just under 10%. Tennis, hockey, boxing and american football stayed above 5%.

The results are based on more than 20.000 redirections of our users to games. About 1050 was to the winner.