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Dugout Online - Online soccer manager game

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Sport: Football (Soccer)
User Rating: 67.21% (5196 votes)
67.21% 67.21% 67.21% 67.21% 67.21%
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Dugout Online - Online soccer manager game


Dugout-Online is a football management game where you take charge of a small and unknown club.
This is a real soccer strategy game not random like you can get with slot machines at
Your goal is to bring that club to the top and win the World champions' cup! It won't be easy though, and you'll have to use your management, trading and tactical skills to the best of your ability if you want to stand a chance amongst thousands of other managers from all over the world. The game is actually never-ending, so all the data is passed from the season to the season. If, for example, you win a title in some lower division, your club gets promoted to a higher one, if you win a cup then you'll be defending the title next season and so on.


The game is totally free of charge.


Best game certificate! Best game certificate! Best game certificate!

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2012-05-03 17:38:10 Lovesoccer (unregistered) IP: 178.84.*.*
Its the best game I played. I played a lot, but this is the best by far.
2012-05-05 20:36:40 CAMACHO (unregistered) IP: 83.128.*.*
I tried all the online football manager games, all I quited after a few weeks. But not for Dugout-Online! I play his game for 4 years now and still is the best online football management game ever!
2012-05-06 11:22:45 lotte (unregistered) IP: 93.103.*.*
i've been playing DO since 2007! just give it a try - you won't regret it :)
2012-05-09 11:41:59 BmB (unregistered) IP: 89.164.*.*

joined few months ago and i fell in love with it:)
2012-05-18 04:36:54 Ricky (unregistered) IP: 186.60.*.*
El mejor juego de manager futbol(soccer) es no hay juego que lo iguala,y tiene el plus que puedes ver el partido 3D, asĂ­ vez como juega tu equipo... NingĂșn juego de manager de futbol lo puede igualar...
2012-05-29 18:15:35 How lame that is... (unregistered) IP: 79.244.*.*
The game can't be that good when the playing managers need to destroy the votings of all other games around here
2012-05-30 09:36:10 Yawn (unregistered) IP: 86.120.*.*
In fact this game had almost 80% rating. The only one who's lame is you and others who voted this game "worst" and took it down to 70%.
2012-06-03 17:26:50 CAMACHO (unregistered) IP: 83.128.*.*
@ donamara: a game which you can play hochey or football?!?!?!
Looks kind of gay to me!
I tried powerplaymanager and it was totally crap...maybe not if you're around 12 years old!
For most realistic and best, free at charge, online football(club) manager game...start playing:

2012-06-16 13:56:47 van armani (unregistered) IP: 82.149.*.*
i am a manager in this games and it is the best online manager i played ever :) who dosn't play this game i recommended it...try :)
2012-06-16 14:19:31 Vicente (unregistered) IP: 78.0.*.*
WE played nice and fair till you all others started dropping our % and voting 1 star,thats when we started to play dirty too,so stop bitching.
2012-06-18 11:55:04 The Dude (unregistered) IP: 86.29.*.*
Excellent game. Lots of depth. easy to play, hard to master.
2012-07-01 09:57:31 balaurul (unregistered) IP: 79.116.*.*
best football game ever. Tried different games but this one was just what i was looking for. Cheers!
2012-08-05 13:27:27 Andrei (unregistered) IP: 79.116.*.*
A waste of time. Nothing interesting about this game. Not recommended.
2012-08-09 22:43:35 M.D. Coach of \"Gravediggers\" England (unregistered) IP: 109.156.*.*
You'll need to spend some time with the game, than U gonna fall in love with it!!
2012-08-13 00:11:46 (unregistered) IP: 109.106.*.*
Just one thing, the stats:


Beat that !
2012-08-15 08:25:50 =)) (unregistered) IP: 86.120.*.*
If PPM has more users than DO, it doesnt mean it is the better game. Just better advertising.
2012-08-15 23:49:35 th (unregistered) IP: 99.119.*.*
Sorry, PPM sucks. I only play for a month and then lose interest. It gives too much advantages to the paying people.
2012-08-16 14:27:24 Pera (unregistered) IP: 79.101.*.*
The number of managers is not a measure of quality. DO people play for years and PPM (FM and the like) very short. I played PPM and I know how much they get out of the game is to start playing. DO has little advertising but as FM by far the best on the Internet. I know because I've played many online FM. And another advantage is that the DO does not give any advantage to managers who are paid suport.
2012-08-17 12:20:07 (unregistered) IP: 178.222.*.*
What is good should not be changed, and it is evident that PPM has a lot to change. PPM is a good-looking, flashy but it does not make football manager good FM. For a few years might be something from him. :)
2012-09-01 13:21:26 (unregistered) IP: 178.84.*.*
Its a fantastic game,its my favorite soccergame. Thanks for the help finding it!!
2012-09-01 18:42:25 Baros82 (unregistered) IP: 89.142.*.*
This game is the best in my opinion, because it is interesting, you do not spend a lot of time (exclude pre-season). I play this game since 2007. I played Hattrick (my first online manager), PPM (one year I played and I stopped because to much waste of time).
2012-09-25 22:34:32 (unregistered) IP: 212.178.*.*
I really don't know what do you see in this game ... The game sucks ...
2012-09-26 10:50:56 dragon slayer (unregistered) IP: 109.93.*.*
The game is the closest to real football club management. For those who are accustomed to dragons and magic is not like a game. Those who want real control and real football team in a game this is the place.
2012-10-09 12:33:56 Getas (unregistered) IP: 78.236.*.*
An awesome game, probably the best Online Football Manager I have tried! Note: The Greek Community needs more players! Any Greeks reading this should join ASAP!
2012-12-31 01:22:52 gray77 (unregistered) IP: 74.128.*.*
So awesome! BEST GAME! I've tried a bunch, this is clearly the best.
2013-01-19 12:37:02 Bert (unregistered) IP: 62.31.*.*
The game is totally free of charge.

um, no it isnt!
2013-01-23 19:32:00 Yo (unregistered) IP: 71.58.*.*
I have been playing for more than 5 years now, and I haven't paid a cent.
2013-05-15 18:47:01 sloow (unregistered) IP: 46.161.*.*
best manager online... free and good ... for ppl who didnt try,try now... join DO...
2013-08-11 22:52:20 ipfreely (unregistered) IP: 2.121.*.*
Really do not bother. Won't let me register using a Hotmail email account? Pathetic!! Goodness knows what other crazy rules I'd come up against if I ever got to even play the game :x
2013-12-09 09:23:00 Robel (unregistered) IP: 213.55.*.*
I need to know about you and partnership
2014-03-06 14:17:05 raceguy (unregistered) IP: 50.121.*.*
Racing Manager
More races,more series
2014-05-26 07:16:12 Bubbleybubbleyboo (unregistered) IP: 189.60.*.*
Wanted to play this game and read (on the sign-up page) that you first MUST read the rules to help you play... Well after the 10th rule of chain-trading, 10 weeks/2 on loan, Player swaps etc. etc. I gave up!
I wanted a fun game not a new mom!
2014-07-04 07:11:26 soccerfreak (unregistered) IP: 173.24.*.*
this game blows monkey chunks, if u want a soccer game PLAY powerplay manager-KICK ASS GAME & FUN 2
2014-07-04 07:13:21 soccer freak (unregistered) IP: 173.24.*.*
all these bozos telling u how great this game is-their lying 2 u,cause IT SUCKS
2014-08-13 18:58:58 dugout (unregistered) IP: 109.182.*.*
The best online football manager game. Tried many and left all except dugout online.
2014-10-30 10:58:27 football player (unregistered) IP: 178.221.*.*
I've tried many online football manager game, but Doguot is by far the best.
2014-12-31 18:59:34 Predrag (unregistered) IP: 79.103.*.*
I have pleayed a lot of games on internet, and specially football manager games.
I first ever played Championship manager back in 1996 (the PC game one), over the years i tried to play othe manager games but NONE EVER offered the excitment this game offered. Some, may say it takes a long time till you play one match, BUT, the excitement is between those matches where you are anxious about your team, players, and many more things that this game offers. BEST EVER INTERNET FOOTBALL MANAGER GAME EVER BY FAAAAAAAAARRRRR!!!!
2015-12-23 16:31:30 Kafatzis (unregistered) IP: 94.66.*.*
I can't wait to play the game...oups I have to wait.That is sad.Users need to register and log in immediately. That's my opinion.
2023-04-25 14:20:03 Stuart66 (unregistered) IP: 78.105.*.*
great game until you lose your team. on one day and the next lost your team. gone though loads of teams. loads of teams with no manager not worth the effort


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