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HockeyNation - Online hockey manager game

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Sport: Hockey
User Rating: 62.35% (81 votes)
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HockeyNation - Online hockey manager game


HockeyNation is a free multiplayer online GM game for hockey fanatics.

You are put in charge of a professional ice hockey team to lead your team to the highest division and win the ultimate HockeyNation title. To achieve this, you are given a challenging and dynamic salary budget. Build your team roster like a real GM, through a competitive free agency period, a vivid trade market and an exciting youth draft. Feel the rush on free agency deadline day with live tracker and press rumors. Follow live game play-by-play and find the perfect line combinations of players characterized by an unique special skills set. Scout, draft and develop your own crop of prospects in under-17 and under-21 youth leagues. Fill your club's trophy wall and show off your skills by unlocking all 60+ achievements. Even become head coach of one of the 24 nations and lead your nation to the World Championship finals. Discover these and many more exciting features while playing HockeyNation in a friendly environment with people all over the world.


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2022-09-12 20:13:15 Alles (unregistered) IP: 85.254.*.*
Great game!
It is relatively young (season 3 just started) and has a long way to go, but has a ton of potential.
2023-01-25 18:11:40 Maik (unregistered) IP: 95.144.*.*
Unfortunately this game is extremely cliquish and if you're looking for a fair gaming experience I'd suggest you look elsewhere.

Mysterious horribly lopsided deals are ok for one group of individuals and you're the only one who's going to be held to any kind of standard.

When you do a deal age and rating matter, when they do a deal age and rating don't matter because: *Enter excuse here about how two players on one year contracts, (One retiring) being payed the same amount, the same rating, the exact same skillset, the same position but a decades age apart are valued the same because "Hurr durr one team can't re-sign the young player with huge value and massive upside so it's ok" I mean, who cares about getting an extra draft pick or something else, right?*

Totally fair and above board!

The "player controlled transfer board" WILL arbitrarily cancel multiple deals that you work hard on, deals that are season deciders.

It's quite frankly not worth the effort as you'll just be disappointed by the entire experience, I'd look at other games over this one which is a real shame because it had so much potential.

Ruined by an awful and corrupt player base.


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