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Game Article: Licensed product of NHLPA


05.08.2012 - We are totally psyched! Web Sim Hockey is now an officially licensed product of the National Hockey League Players’ Association (NHLPA). How awesome is that?
What does this mean? Web Sim Hockey is the only online simulated hockey game in the world (you read correctly—the world!) available under the NHLPA license.

What does this mean for our fan base and GMs? Under the agreement, we will be able to use the images of all NHL players as well as other images from the NHL to beef up our game’s visuals even more!

Being licensed with the NHLPA is proof of our short, mid- and long-term commitment to developing the highest quality simulated hockey game available on the market.

Stay tuned this fall! Web Sim Hockey 2.0, with an entirely revamped look and new features, is on its way!

Web Sim Hockey Team

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