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04.11.2021 - Getting the draft right can often be a difficult process. All too often, players go into it underprepared and they come out with a different team to what they wanted. We’re going to go over the important aspects that you need to understand when it comes to getting your digital draft exactly right.
Do your research
All too often, people walk into the draft without having an idea of what they want. They intend to put their teams together just on the passing knowledge that they already have. Of course, this isn’t always a sensible way to go about doing things, especially if other players have planned their choices in advance. In order to get your research done properly, you will need to make sure you look in the right places. There are many different sites out there where you can find the information you need, such as

This will allow you to go into the draft process with a good idea of what different players bring to the table and how they could help your team over the course of the season.

Make a thorough list of who you want
This is a hugely important task. Just imagine it was the real NFL draft. Do you think they go into the draft with just an idea in their head of who they want? Of course they don’t. They have a fully detailed guide of each player that they want and when they will be likely to choose them.

Of course, this means that you will need to have backups for your own draft. If the player you want is chosen early by someone else, do you really want to be left high and dry? Make at least five picks for each position that you want to fill. This will allow you to be fully prepared for every stage of the draft.

It also means that there is a good chance you will be able to have solid backups in all positions if your first choice goes early on.

Don’t let emotion cloud your judgment
Could you imagine that during the NFL draft, teams will change their pick just because another team picked the player they wanted? Could you see this happening to the Patriots or Dolphins? Of course it wouldn’t. Don’t pick players just to spite another team; all of your choices should be to benefit you.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t make tactical choices, of course, but that is different to just choosing a player out of spite. If picking a certain running back will cause one of your opponents to be short of quality in that position, and that player won’t diminish your own team, then that is a sensible choice to make.

Picking a running back who adds nothing to your team when another team wants them and there are other options available is not a sensible choice. So, don’t let your emotions run too high – be strategic with your choices and run solely on logic. It’s just like a real sporting pick; if you don’t use your head, then there’s a good chance you will get caught out.

Look at previous drafts
This is one of the best ways to build up your draft team. Look at how previous teams have worked out and see if you can learn anything from this. Take into account the ages of players as a first starting point. Do they play in a position where age is a huge factor? If so, then another year on the clock might mean it’s time to look at other players. If not, then if they are performing at a high level it is probably worth the risk keeping them on your roster.

It’s also worth looking at how rookie picks have done in previous years. Take into account their performance at college level as well. Did they look as though they were men playing against children or were they just solid players? You might come across a prodigy who will take your team to the next level.

Make sure to take all of these factors into account when you’re putting together your draft strategy. It’s often a difficult process to get involved in a draft, especially if it’s online and you’re not able to be there in person and judge the responses of others. However you approach it, if you follow our tips then you will increase your chances of having a successful draft.