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News: Game of the Year 2014

My Racing Career

21.06.2015 - After announcing best games of the year in sport categories, this time it is turn to announce the overal best games of the year 2014. We have another winner than last year, the game which returnet to the top position which it achieved in 2012. Congratulations My Racing Career!
This is the most prestigious category in our yearly awards and that is the reason why we announce Top 5 games here.
As mentioned in the subtitle the winner from the 2012 is back on top pushing the last year winner to the second place! It was a tight battle between these two games. But since My Racing Career implemented the callback functionality it regained the high ranks in either rating and popularity. During the course of the whole year Red Zone Action was little better rated, but the top motorsport game had a higher popularity which decided the winner.

Charazay our last years third placed game dropped out of top 5 and the same is true for WebSimHockey. Altough they was not too far behing!

This year`s third place goes to the new game wich was added just before 2014. It is boxing/fighting game MMA Tycoon. THey did a lot for their media success and this is their reward!

Fourth and fifth place goes to traditionally quality games in Dugout Online the best soccer game and Grand Prix Racing Online.

Congratulations to the winner, see you next year :)

So here are the best online manager games of the year 2014:

Winner is awarded with a nice badge from our portal: