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News: New Tool for Powerplay Manager

Hockey Player Evaluation Tool

27.03.2011 - Today we launched another nice tool for our users. This time it is for Powerplay Manager Hockey managers. It will help you to evaluate your players for different playing positions and you can check how best PPM hockey managers train their players.
As we promised few weeks ago, we prepared a nice tool for all Powerplay Manager Hockey managers. First you can see how most successfull managers train their players and compare their aproach. You should be able to get inspired and pick the best training ratio for your players.

We also prepared evaluation for your players. You only need to copy and paste their attributes to the tool, pick the ratio you like, or use average ratio from those you like. Just submit the data and the outcome will nicely show you which player is better, or which attributes you should train.

Try Powerplay Manager Hockey Tool Here!

In the next future we still want to launch more tools for Maxithlon, Powerplay Manager and other games.

You can help us with your own idea for tool. Let us know at