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News: Soccer Game of the Year 2013

Dugout Online

02.05.2014 - This is soccer (or association football) edition of best games of the year 2013 contest. The winner of this category repeated the win from last year! Congratulations!!!
We have 43 soccer games in our database, and considering the fact it is much more than any other game makes this category most prestigious.
In 2013 the most successfull soccer game was Dugout Online. It is our partner game, which certainly improves the popularity of the game, but this game also have big ratings every month. They won by a big margin.
There have been 7 games with real shot for position in top 3. The best of them was classic game called Trophy Manager and third is occupied by another classic game Sokker Manager. There have been another 5 games with pretty good ratings, but were just unlucky to stay out of the podium.

Comparing to last year results we only had same winner. The other podiumplaces were replaced by other games but last year podium games were among the top games again. Just barely missed podium.

So here are the best online soccer manager games of the year 2013:

1. Dugout Online
2. Trophy Manager
3. Sokker

Winner is awarded with a nice badge from our portal: