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Game Article: 2013 NHL Player Attributes Release


10.05.2013 - Every year when the regular season is over we release our much anticipated set of NHL players’ attributes. It is used mainly for our 500+ online simulated hockey leagues, but it can also be used as a unique players’ analytic tool for editorial purposes or even scouting.
Facts & Stats about the player attributes set:

- Unique, 100% objective analysis of the players’ stats that are transformed into player attributes, such as Durability, Stamina, Intensity, Discipline, Strength, Hockey Sense, Finesse, Speed, Shooting, Passing, Etc.
- 691 players are included in the set
- To be in the set, a player must have played 26 games this season, if he was not in our previous set, or 8 games if he was in our previous set. For goalies, it is 10 and 5 games respectively.
- Attributes are first generated using 100% of the 2013 season stats, and then combined with last year’s set to a 75/25 ratio. That means that we use 25% of the 2011-12 season stats to generate the attributes, and 75% of the 2013 season.
- Each attribute uses from one to 4 stats to come up with a note on 100, with a minimum of 50. Shooting simply uses Goals/Game while Intensity uses body checks, blocked shots and takeaways/giveaways ratio.
- 64 Cities and current Head Coaches are also included in the set with attributes of their own.
- The 2nd file includes more indicators: Offensive awareness, Defensive awareness and Grit. These are obtained using the player attributes and their importance in completing plays in our simulation engine.

So who are the best players in the game?
Best player overall - Henrik Lundquist (90 - goalie)
Best defenseman overall - Shea Weber (86 - defenseman)
Best winger overall - Alexander Ovechkin (88 - left wing)
Best center overall - Pavel Datsyuk / Jonathan Toews (87 - center)
Highest potential - Jonathan Toews (94 - center)
Best hockey sense - Sidney Crosby (100 - center)
Fastest player - Erik Karlsson (100 - defenseman)
Best young player (under 20) - Gabriel Landeskog (77 - left wing)
Best veteran (above 40) - Martin Brodeur (86 - goalie)

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