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Game Article: Still Serving Aces

Tennis Manager

09.06.2012 - Tennis Manger, the online tennis club management sim, has been around since 2009 and has been through a number of evolutions in its current open beta state. This year alone has seen a spate of activity from the small Slovak team of hardcore tennis fans behind the project, with several entirely new features added already, and a slew of tweaks and improvements lined up for the next few releases.
Now in version 21 of its open beta, recent additions have included the popular Hot Duels system, where players create custom challenge matches for stakes of Advantage Balls, TM’s in-game currency that’s both purchasable directly and awarded every time you play a match. Quality of Life features have had a steady focus over the last few months too, with easy registration and log-in via Facebook, improved server speeds and page updates, re-organised forums and language-specific Facebook pages, as well as several new translations and text passes on the core game and its online manual – Tennis Manager is now playable in 13 languages.

But the TM team aren’t calling for any time-outs. OB Version 22 is scheduled to bring all-new player profile screens and match reports. These will offer a significantly better view of all essential player stats and post-match analysis in a re-designed format that’s visually more pleasing, as well being more immediately informative. One of the key elements here are the long-awaited graphical progress bars for players’ shot skills, which also happen to be the icing on a cake of improvements to the entire player training system, rolled out in the last update.

As it moves towards a tentative exit from beta into a full release later this year, certain long-planned possibilities are coming closer to fruition, such as a nomination system for national trainers and teams to play international tournaments, and full 3D visualisations of the actual matches. If the TennisManager team can maintain their momentum and continue to provide polished, feature-rich updates, TM may just be a contender for No. 1 Seed in the online tennis game rankings.

Jim Cole,

TennisManager Co-Producer

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