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Most Impressive Campus Fitness Programs

16.01.2024 - Choosing what school to apply to can be quite a challenge for young people. There are so many options to choose from and very little time to do so. Going through all possible colleges and programs takes a lot of energy, too. So, students try to narrow down their choices however they can.

Setting your priorities straight is sure one way to do it. For instance, some young people focus on academic and research programs, others on top disciplines, while many also look for fitness programs to attend. After all, sports play a major role in many young people’s lives. So, choosing a university that shares your interests and can help you grow in sports is a significant advantage. Here are ten schools with the most impressive campus fitness programs. Make your choice.

The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

The UX has everything any fitness lover can wish for and even more. For example, back in 2009, the school received an award for the highest climbing wall in Texas. It is certainly a big wow factor for their gym. However, wait until you see an indoor soccer field, track, and water activities, including lap and lazy river pools. However, if those are not enough, the UX also has a variety of dancing lessons, fitness programs, aerobics, as well as health seminars on weight loss and nutrition.

The University of Chicago

Rated number 6 among all national higher education institutions, the University of Chicago sure tries hard to cater to students’ needs. They often require professional writing services such as 123helpme to free up time. Sports and wellness are no exception here. Maybe this school is most known for its strong academic programs and influential roles in politics and social science. Still, the school’s fitness program is worth the attention just as much. Not only do all students and staff have full access to campus gyms with a variety of fitness programs, but the school also has one of the most impressive pools and swimming teams in the nation. 

Stanford University

Most students with a focus on fitness programs must already know about the BeWell initiative organized by Stanford University. The program aims to find athletic or fitness interests for all its students. Hence, each student can come for free sports sessions and advice, receiving a proper wellness strategy in the end.

University of North Dakota

The school has been a leader in healthy lifestyle propaganda and wellness programs for quite a while now. However, its efforts have reached their peak with the Grand Forks campus fitness programs. This establishment has one of the most modern wellness centers with green power and eco-equipment. UND is also big on organizing seminars on healthy eating and cooking as well as making sports events to popularize various sports. Overall, the school truly believes in the healthy body and healthy mind philosophy and encourages it in their students.

University of California, Los Angeles

California weather and the state's passion for athletic events make UCLA a paradise for fitness lovers. Indeed, this school’s John Wooden Center is what any young athlete dreams about. It is a place of several basketball, racquetball, and squash courts, as well as a working station for numerous fitness instructors and trainers. Also, students can enjoy a meditation center on campus. A perfect place to rest when professionals from 123helpme review take care of your assignments for once.

Princeton University 

This Ivy League school values sports and exercise as if it was one of its top disciplines. Just one look at Stephens Fitness Center will prove that right. This massive establishment frequently hosts various exercise challenges beyond regular sports competitions. As a result, Princeton students have little excuse not to lead a healthy, athletic lifestyle when the school provides them with everything necessary for building such a habit, including health education programs on campus.

University of Maine 

The students of Maine University have definitely lucked out with the new state-of-the-art campus fitness center. Supported and sponsored by the famous brand, the New Balance Student Recreation Center has everything a young person needs to stay active and healthy throughout college. It offers modern training facilities, a sauna, a lap pool, and, get ready for it, an indoor ice rink for professional hockey! Not many facilities can brag about that one.

The University of Iowa 

All swimmers should certainly consider the University of Iowa as their final choice. This school has one of the most impressive aquatic centers on our list. It has everything one needs for productive training in a pool and relaxing time for the after-school swimming session. The swimming section is part of the recently built Campus Recreation and Wellness Center, which also hosts numerous training and fitness programs in gyms and training rooms daily.

University of Cincinnati

Perhaps the biggest recreation center, the UC Campus Recreation Center, will impress even the most experienced fitness addicts out there. The area has everything from a juice bar and athletic stores to numerous training rooms packed with a variety of fitness equipment. Here you can climb walls, run on a track, pull weights, and exercise in the pool.

University of South Florida

The weather advantages helped USF develop one of the most diverse and exciting fitness programs among other schools on the list. Thus, students can enjoy kayaking and canoeing, ropes courses, and even camping as part of the outdoor recreation program. If you choose a customwriting service due to its affordable prices, you should find the answer to one more question before using it: “Is reliable?”. These programs are certainly a must, especially when you can order homework at review to fully enjoy the adventures in nature.