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Game Article: To the power of 2.0!


20.03.2012 - Hello Hockey fans! As we informed you last week about new version of your favourite Hockey game, we would like to give you more details. So here it is.
Bonjour à tous,

We are thrilled to announce that for the past month and a half, we have been working actively on the version 2.0 of our Web Sim Hockey.

The numerous new features that will be added to Web Sim Hockey 2.0 will improve the social aspect of the game and will bring it to unmatched levels!

Here's an overview of the important changes that will be delivered this fall 2012:

Community : More active than ever!

The community module will bring a game element that did not exist before, which will please everyone who likes competition and statistics!

It will include a new GM page, global rankings, a history of your achievements, a new reward system based on your goals achived, and much more!

To sum it up, GMs will now become much more real. Each will have its attributes and reputation. Leagues and GMs will no longer be isolated. They will be part of a larger Web Sim Hockey community where all comparisons are possible.

Will you be one of the best GM of all Web Sim Hockey? YOUR ranking will tell us soon!

Tournaments: Twice as much action!

The tournament module is a brand new gameplay mode that will be going on simultaneously to your leagues. You won't have to worry about the financial part of the team, since only the on-ice management will be required.

You will get in the heat of the action and put your team to test on a short period of time against a variable number of teams (2 to unlimited). The goal is simple: Win the tournament!

There will be tournaments for Web Sim Hockey teams from any league, and other tournaments opened to everyone where you will draft your own players.

Rest assured that there will be tournaments for all tastes as you will be able to create and customize your own.

The tournaments being played in parallel with your leagues, you will get twice as much action!

Interface: more beautiful, more simple, more user-friendly!

Thanks to its new and improved interface, it will be easier than ever to browse the site.

The ergonomy has been redesigned so you can navigate as easily using your smartphone or tablet as your home computer.

The new interface will also be much appreciated by those who play in more than one league. Whether it's the message system, the chat, the commissioner pages and the overall design, everything will be reviewd to facilitate management of multiple leagues.

The era of changing leagues to see what happens with each of your teams will be a thing of the past. At a glance, the global multi-leagues alerts and the news feed will inform you on any action you must take in all your leagues. A simple click will get you where you need to act.

You will be able to choose the type of information you want to receive, such as injured players, incomplete lineups, trade offers, etc.

More information delivered means easier management!

More new features!

A host of other improvements will also be added and details will be revealed later. Until we launch a first version of Web Sim Hockey 2.0, every effort will be made on this new version. Thus, you will understand that the current version should not change or very little from now on.

We thank you for your understanding and your interest in Web Sim Hockey!

Thanks to your ideas, suggestions and comments, Web Sim Hockey 2.0 will become the only social simulated hockey game on the web.

Team Web Sim Hockey

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