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08.03.2023 - Do you have what it takes to be a successful sporting director? A manager of a top football club? An Olympic Games Organizing Committee Chairperson? If you think you have what it takes, then you need to try your hand at one of these online sport management games!
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Here are the top 10 games that will test your sporting knowledge, organizational skills, and ability to think on your feet.

1. Football Manager 2023
The latest installment in the Football Manager series is one of the most comprehensive and immersive sport management games. You'll need to think about everything from player recruitment and contract negotiations to managing media relations and dealing with disgruntled fans. Oh, and don't forget to win some matches too!

2. Top Trumps Turf Wars
This game is all about building the biggest and best horse racing empire. You'll need to buy and train horses, build stables and training facilities, hire jockeys and staff, and make sure your horses are in peak condition for race day. It's a challenging but rewarding game that will have you yearning for more.

3. Club Penguin Island Soccer Challenge
In this game, you take on the role of a club penguin who must help their team win the prestigious Island Soccer Challenge Cup. You'll need to train your team, pick the proper formation, and make substitutions at the right time to lift the trophy. It's a fun and fast-paced game that’s perfect for football fans of all ages.

4. MLB Manager 2020
Baseball fans will love this game, which puts you in charge of an MLB team. You'll need to make all the big decisions, from signing free agents to setting lineups and making in-game strategy decisions. It's a great way to test your knowledge of America's national pastime.

5. Astonishing Basketball Manager 21
Astonishing Basketball Manager 21 is the game of dreams for all basketball fanatics, especially those who enjoy placing March Madness bets. This thrilling simulator gives you the power to feel like an actual NBA Manager! You can't solely focus on players' trading, maximum stats, and rankings in this game. Instead, you’ll need to advance your career, construct a successful team, and make decisions that affect the balance of power in basketball.

6. Rugby World Cup Manager
Similarly themed game but with rugby union's biggest tournament as its focus. As with FIFA World Cup Manager, you'll need to select your squad wisely, devise a winning strategy, and deal with all the pressures of being in charge of a national team at a major tournament. However, this game is even more challenging than its football counterpart, as more teams compete and have fewer knockout rounds.

7. Motorsport Manager Mobile
Motorsport Manager Mobile is a racing management game that puts you in charge of a motorsport team. In this case, you’re tasked with making important decisions on behalf of your team, ranging from car design and development to hiring drivers and choosing which races to enter. You are also accountable for sponsorships and marketing campaigns. With officially licensed content from some of motorsport's biggest names - including Formula 1®, Formula E®, IndyCar®, IMSA® GT3 Cup Challenge USA™ — there's plenty here for even the most dedicated racing fans out there.

8. Out of the Park Baseball 21
Out of the Park Baseball, 21 is another long-running series, with the latest release in 2021. As the name suggests, you're in charge of a baseball team. Once again, it's up to you to make all the critical decisions and lead your team to success. With over 1,700 real-life teams to choose from, there's plenty of scope for replayability here.

9. Golf Club Tycoon
Golf Club Tycoon is a golf management game that allows you to make all sorts of important decisions on behalf of your club, like course design and development, hiring staff, choosing which tournaments to host, and handling finances and marketing campaigns. With so much customisation scope, this one will keep even the most dedicated golf fans entertained for hours on end!

10. Franchise Hockey Manager 4
Franchise Hockey Manager 4 is a hockey management game. This game allows you to take control of a franchise in the National Hockey League, making all kinds of franchise-related decisions. This includes player personnel and financial management, as well as facility upgrades. With over 100 teams available, plenty of minor league options, and an immersive Fantasy Draft mode, this one will surely please any hockey fan!

Ideally, if you’re an online gaming enthusiast who loves everything about sports management, you won’t want to miss out on these 10 games. From soccer team building to 3D golfing simulations and everything in between, there is no shortage of options for taking your virtual sports career from the stands to the sidelines.