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Game Article: Huge Game Update


12.03.2012 - Hello Hockey fans! I just want to inform you that your favourite game went through huge update nad it is now even better. See more in artice!
Web Sim Hockey underwent a site update that includes a brand new Contracts Overview page. The page, similar to what we see on, shows the contracts of your players over the next 5 seasons in a dynamic table. You can check/uncheck players you want in your salary cap calculations. Type 1 free agents (no free agency) contracts are automatically renewed using an average Overall (OV) attribute evolution. Additionally, the table cell color indicates when a contract ends and what type of contract it is (UFA, RFA or no free agency).

This page helps a lot in preparing your team for the next seasons by creating different scenarios to manage your available slary cap space.

The page can be found under menu GM Office > Contracts Management > Contracts Overview.

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