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News: 6 Sports-Related Jobs

for Sports Fans

25.09.2022 - Everyone deserves to do a job they love, but it can sometimes seem like your passions and career prospects never truly align. However, if you’re a sports fan, you might be surprised by how many sports-related job opportunities exist. Here are just a few of the many you might like to explore.
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Sports Journalism
If you have a passion for story-telling and a love for sports, a degree in sports journalism might be an option you consider. After undertaking your online Master of Arts in Sports Journalism, you can be skilled in sports nuances, the role of journalists in sports, and the best practices of journalistic excellence. This career also allows you to dabble in digital and traditional media, which might open many doors for rewarding positions in media outlets around the world.

Sports Marketing Manager
If you already have experience in marketing, it makes sense to combine your passion for sports with your marketing skills and take a job as a sports marketing manager. In this role, you would be tasked with the critical job of marketing players, teams, events, and stadiums to ensure they gain as much support as possible. You might also be responsible for pursuing sponsorship opportunities, drafting ideas to increase interest, and arranging merchandise to increase profits and brand awareness.

Sports Dietitian
The average athlete puts their body under immense pressure, and it’s not always easy for them to reach optimal performance when they don’t know how to fuel themselves with everything they need. Your job as a sports dietitian or nutritionist is to develop custom dietary plans for athletes based on their activity level. You would likely be required to recommend vitamins and minerals, healthy meals, and general health-improving tips.

Personal Trainer
A personal trainer works in sports and with athletes to help them reach their fitness goals. You might be working with someone who wants to maintain their current fitness level, reach a new level, or recover from an injury.

Personal trainers not only suggest the best exercises for athletes to achieve their goals, but they also develop custom routines and workouts based on each person’s experience levels, interests, and sports.

Sports Photographer
If you’re a passionate photographer who loves attending your local sports games and snapping winning shots, a career in sports photography might be right for you. Most sports photographers work with venues, news publications, and teams to capture action shots, team photos, and fan pictures to connect with the general public. Some sports photographers undertake training to land such a valuable role, while others are self-taught and let their skills create their career prospects for them.

Sports Referee
If you’re cool under pressure and have an eye for detail while also being a passionate sports fan, consider a career as a sports referee. Sports referees keep track of time, monitor player safety, and judge infractions.
Referees also have the all-important job of making the final decision, which often involves assigning penalties. While there can be a significant amount of weekend and night work, that might not bother you if it’s something that holds your passion.

If your current job doesn’t hold your passion, there’s no harm in seeing if there’s one out there that will. Sports lovers might be surprised by how many job opportunities exist in this wide-ranging field.