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Game Article: New Hockey Game Added


13.02.2012 - Hello everybody. I just want to let you know that we just added a new hockey game, which will also be in our recommended games list. The creators of WebSimHockey made some improvements lately.
The company Web Sim Sports INC., specialized in online sports gaming, launched a unique hockey simulator in July 2009, Web Sim Hockey. (

Web Sim Hockey is a multiplayer strategy game played entirely on the Web.

The goal of the game is to manage a professional hockey team in every aspects : finances, drafts, trades, lineups, on-ice strategies, etc.

Web Sim Hockey is on the rise since its launch with more than 7500 teams being managed every day in over 315 virtual leagues.

The site generates no less than 275,000 monthly visits and 4.25 million page views.

Site update details:

  • Improved Virtual Player Evolution
  • Each attribute now has its own formula for improved realism. Investments in players development are now having their own negative-evolution if you do not invest to a minimum. The overall evolution expectancy now varies depending of a player age and player development investments.

  • Virtual Evolution for Cities (NEW) [also used by Real evolution leagues]
  • Each attribute has its own formula, but Popularity is the attribute that can vary the most. There are four main factors that influence the popularity of your team in your city: Performance of the team, players quality, individual trophies awards and the competition with other major sports. The sum of the four factors represents the evolution of the Popularity attribute.

  • Virtual Evolution for Coaches (NEW)
  • Coach attributes evolve according to their team performances on the ice, using team statistics such as Powerplay %, Penalty Kill %, Goals for, Goals against, position in the standings, etc.

  • New players retirement formula for Virtual evolution leagues
  • We added an additionnal field in the players page "Retirement %" that is calculated automatically after every player evolution, using two factors: Player age and Overall (OV) attribute. For each combination of those two factors, a percentage is determined and displayed at the player page. Players retire after the playoffs, once you get to the off-season step.

  • Added possibility to schedule 2 or 3 sims times a day, automatically. *BETA* (contact us if you want to try it for your league)
  • Our simulation engine can now be programmed to simulate 1, 2 or 3 automatic simulations per day. The commissioner sets up the sim times and bingo, all you have to do is logon and see the results of the simulation, no other action needed!

  • Added possibility to Export CSV file of our Plays Report.
  • Plays report give you the details of each and every plays attempted by your team during the course of the season. You can see the attempted or succeeded plays report or the % of completion for each play. This helps in choosing which strategy to use for your team.

  • Optimization of the Strategies & Practice page, including the added possibility to save your own strategies configuration or choose among 3 presets (Offensive, Defensive, Balanced).
  • Use our presets for quick setup of your strategies or save your own custom strategies and alternate from one to the other with a single click.