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News: Electric Bikes

Improve Your Fitness And Get To Work Faster

03.08.2021 - Many people face roadblocks and challenges when faced with traditional pedal bikes; electric bicycles remove these problems and give people that were once unable to cycle the chance to get in the saddle. Electric bikes are a great way to not only improve your fitness but your commute to work too, and come with some great benefits.
Several electric bikes work in a very similar way to dual electric cars, in that you use the pedals to charge the electric motor as it works, but not all electric bikes have that feature. You will need to wait 5-6 hours for the battery to reach a full charge for the ones you charge at home, which isn't that long if you do it while you sleep.

Commuting The Easy Way
If you're looking for a way to escape rush hour and overcrowded public transport, then choosing electric bikes over traditional bikes is the way to go. You don't need any special licenses to ride one, and you can still use the cycle lane. With the motor supporting you as you ride, you won't need to work as hard and won't be dripping in sweat when you arrive at the office; the way home won't feel like a slog after a hard day's work either.

Before you race off to work with your fancy motorized bike, you need to make sure you have electric bicycle insurance to protect you from any unforeseen accidents or motor breakdowns. Insurance companies like Velosurance have plenty of customizable policies to suit your every need when out on your electric bike.

Go Faster For Longer
Electric bikes have many of the same benefits as regular cycling, but they come with the added burst of power to make traveling greater distances a breeze. You can also go much faster than most traditional cyclists and, when riding through traffic, some cars.

Improve Your Fitness
Even with the electric motor helping you with your ride, you'll be pedaling more, which means you'll be exercising more. One study has found that people who use electric bikes get more exercise than those who ride regular bicycles.

Electric bikes are great for people who want to start exercising but worry that their fitness level isn't good enough for traditional cycling. They can also be a fitness solution for those who cannot get around due to age or illness.

Save Money In The Long Run
A basic electric bike is going to set you back at first, with the lower-priced models starting at around $1000. Many people would opt for an old used car for that price, but they forget the ongoing costs of car maintenance can set them back thousands of dollars more.

The running costs of an electric bike are roughly the same as maintaining an ordinary bicycle, which is far cheaper than buying, insuring, and maintaining a car. The cost of charging your electric bike won't set you back either and will only be a few cents a time.

Safer Than Conventional Bikes
Most of the accidents involving bicycle users occur around intersections; this is often because it takes time for a stationary cyclist to build up speed. With a motor to help you accelerate, you can get moving and away from danger faster. Another safety benefit is being able to keep up with the flow of traffic, and as fewer vehicles will need to pass your bike, you will have a much safer ride.

No More Difficult Hills
If you live in a place with lots of hills, electric bikes are a lifesaver. Most electric bicycles offer a range of power modes to assist your pedaling, and when you're faced with a huge hill to climb, you can use those modes to fly up them easily like a comic-book hero.

Hill climbing is a significant factor in the electric bike's increase in popularity amongst trail riders. It allows them to spend more time on the fun downhill parts than wasting their energy climbing the steep hills.

Fun To Ride
With the dread of hills eradicated, electric bikes are fantastic fun to ride. Even on the way to work, you can have run riding these bikes; in the middle of heavy congestion, it's great fun zipping past the cars stuck in traffic. Many people even use their electric bikes to pick up their groceries, finding the everyday chore an easy and enjoyable experience when compared to taking their cars.

If you're worried about riding a two-wheeled bike, then there are plenty of 3 wheeled trikes you can choose from instead to make getting around town all that easier. Enjoy being out in the sun, passing flowers, trees, and other amazing views without getting sweaty and tired. Take your electric bike out on your way for your morning coffee instead of driving, and you'll find yourself in a much better mood.