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News: Top 6 Sports People Love

In The USA

05.07.2020 - Different people have their respective sets of preferences as to what sports they prefer to watch and follow. More often than not, this choice is influenced by lifestyle and even the community that you belong to. If your family and friends love a particular sport, then chances are, you'll also become a fan yourself. You may enjoy the game so much that you also partake in friendly games during your days off.
Are you interested in learning about the top sports that are well-loved by Americans? Keep reading through below to have an idea of the most popular, most-watched, and most played games in the USA.

1. American Football (NFL)
American Football, organized under the National Football League, tops the most popular game in the USA. When you're from the USA, you'd know how grand the opening of the season is, of the Super Bowl. It's an event that almost every American, and even other people of the world, anticipate on TV.

Out of the entire fifty states in the USA, football is most popular in the Southern Areas. These would include the states of California, Texas, and Florida.

When you browse through the list of the highest-paid athletes in the world, many of these athletes are NFL players. This fact only highlights even more how famous these players are.

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2. Basketball
When it comes to the younger generation, most kids at primary school learn to love basketball before any other sport. As young American boys, they'd have probably dreamed of becoming like Michael Jordan, or Kobe Bryant, and from the newer generation, Stephen Curry. It's almost impossible for there to be a male American unfamiliar with the big names in the NBA or the National Basketball Association.

Basketball is so popular that stadiums across states with competing teams are full, once the season starts. The tickets are costly, too. The players themselves become like celebrities, and NBA merchandise is also a big hit.

3. Badminton
Badminton also makes it to this list, but the upper-class citizens of America more highly patronize it. In browsing through homes of the rich, it's not only common to find a swimming pool and a basketball court but even a tennis and badminton court as well. This is rightfully so as badminton is easily one of the classiest games that anyone can ever follow through.

For those that are not precisely the athletic kind of type, badminton becomes their choice of exercise. First off, it gives good cardio. Plus, it requires finesse. Most importantly, it's a straightforward sport to analyze and follow, which can also be played almost anywhere.

4. Baseball (MBL)
If American football has NFL and basketball has the NBA, in the USA, baseball is organized under the Major League Baseball or MBL. This also goes to show that baseball is also famous for Americans. In fact, for many, it's considered the United States' national pastime.

Baseball continues to grow in acceptance, even among the student population. For this reason, baseball also makes it consistently as one of the most popular sports globally.

5. Soccer
Soccer here isn't to be confused with international football. In the USA, football refers to the NFL, while soccer refers to that which is also well-loved in Europe.

Yes, soccer leagues in America may not be as popular as those in Europe. But, this sport is also a favorite among those in the USA. If it weren't that popular and competitive in the USA, then certainly, David Beckham wouldn't have made that significant move from his league in England to the USA.

Soccer is a favorite among Americans, both male and female alike.

6. Motor Racing Sports
Something a little bit different making it on this list is motor racing sports. In the USA, this is organized under NASCAR. This organization is easily one of the most notable ones in the USA.

With motor racing sports, this refers both to motor racing and car racing. Of all the sports in this list, this could also be the most expensive for enthusiasts who also like to give it a try, because of the vehicle and equipment it comes along with.

Students and adults alike love live sports. Generally, one's love for a particular kind of sport is developed during the late elementary years. If you're American, or if you've lived in the USA your entire life, you've been influenced to love and enjoy a game or two from the list enumerated above. Beyond just cheering and following through every season of games by the professional athletes on TV, you may have also played the game yourself. One day, in the hopes of becoming like your favorite athlete, too.