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Game Article: Vuleta is starting


19.08.2011 - The grand tour in spain is starting in cycling4freaks. It starts at 20. August and ends 11. September. Every team is able to ride whole the races live against other human opponents. Decide you tactic during the tour and races and fight for winning single races, the overall classment or the polka dot jersey and the other existing jerseys for young riders and sprinters.
It exists an interesting alternative programm, too. The most important classic races are GT Hamburg and Plouay. But of course the next days will start some tours, too. Every day are different races for which you can inscript. Create a team, choose any time to ride and get the feeling of real cycling sport.

cycling4freaks is a realistic cycling simulation with live races. You ride all races live against other teams at a time you are able to choose. Visit cycling4freaks game profile