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07.04.2011 - Online bookmakers have offered "virtual" horse and greyhound racing, with full betting facilities, for several years. Your author fails to see the attraction of betting on what are effectively "cartoon" dogs and horses, especially since a random number generator is used to determine race winners, so such races are the equivalent of a lottery.
Nonetheless, many punters are evidently fans of virtual racing, given its wide availability. Perhaps the attraction lies in continuous betting action, every few minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Sports management games, especially those involving managing football teams have been popular on PCs, both online and offline for many years.

Recently, the genres of virtual racing and sports management have been combined to produce a wide range of online games that involve the management of a horse racing stable. Many of these are completely free to play. However, several online horse racing stable management games allow players to invest real money to improve their stable of virtual thoroughbreds and bet on the stable`s runners, in competition with runners from thousands of other stables managed by worldwide players.

The fundamental concept is that the player becomes a trainer of virtual racehorses. Some stable management games have a definite UK "feel," with Classic races such as the Epsom Derby and Oaks, whilst others are more US-based, featuring the US Triple Crown races. However, most of these online games feature all classes of horse racing, so even the newest of players can find a suitable level for their stable`s runners.

A player must exercise their knowledge of the sport to buy (usually using virtual money) horses judiciously, train their charges to increase their fitness, thus improving levels of performance and determine the preferred range of distances and underfoot conditions (going) for each horse. It is then a case of determining the correct training regime for each occupant of the stable in preparation for their racing debut. This includes investment of stable funds in veterinary facilities, correct feeding, etc. The next step is to identify appropriate races for each horse, book jockeys, plan race tactics and decide on any specific training requirements. Most stable management games can be as simple or as complicated as required. Entering just a few races and laying out a straightforward training regime can be done easily and quickly. However, for those that wish to get more involved, there are numerous statistics that can be investigated to improve runners` performances.

In some games it is possible to watch the races, with full-screen 3D, astonishing graphics and numerous camera angles creating terrific realism, for an exciting gaming experience. Along with training and racing, the better games in the online stable management genre offer the options of buying, selling and breeding horses. The breeding aspect gives a player a better perception of what is involved in real stud breeding and how the sire and dam of a horse can affect its speed, stamina and going preference.

In the free versions of these online stable management games, the worst that can happen is that a mismanaged stable will go bust and the player will need to start from scratch. There is no "correct" way to play these games and experimentation with the various facets of gameplay can lead to success, by way of breeding a champion 2-y-o or winning a string of top-class races.

These exciting games give players full control of a virtual stable and provide an excellent insight into the preparations carried out by leading racehorse trainers. This overview of the sport of horse racing should enable players to make the most of free racing tips.