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News: Soccer Game of the Year 2015


19.04.2016 - This is soccer (or association football) edition of best games of the year 2015 rankings. And we have a big reshuffling in top 3 here, with a new winner and also third placed game!
We have 48 soccer games in our database, and considering the fact it is much more than any other game makes this category most prestigious.

In 2015 the most successful soccer game was a game we added to our site just at the end of 2014 - Soccer-Manager.Org. They have a good rating which secured win for this game. Runner up is the last year winner Dugout Online with a pretty good score too, but worse rating did overrule the better popularity so the result is the second place by an inch.

Fight for third place was once again very close with three games not far from there, but only one of them can be there and this time it is another newcomer and even newer game than the winner Dugout Soccer - one of our partner games.

So here are the best online soccer manager games of the year 2015:

Winner is awarded with a nice badge from our portal: