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News: Sharp Bettors

in Sports Betting

05.11.2015 - In sports betting world a term sharp bettors is most popular and reaching to legendary extent. However the term is usually misapprehended by people. Sharp people are thought as people contained with information and foolproof systems.
People think that they are more knowledgeable than any other person. However, this may not be true. Studying games, researching on them, learning the process of games and thus finding out ways to make out profit are basically the things of sharps. They spend their entire time on studying games. While normal bettors just pick their favorite team.

There is a vast difference between what sharp bettors do and what casual bettors usually do. Sharp bettors understand the matter of fact and work out ways for making profits in a long term and research carefully on what is the best online sports betting site before proceed. Here are few points we will discuss to understand what sharp bettors know and do that normal bettors don’t.

1. It’s not a matter of final score – To sharp bettors final score in the game doesn’t matter at all, for what they are more concerned is for the word why, this implies they always look out for the reason for the happenings in the game. Why did the team win? Whether it was due to their dominance in the game or the loser’s game was secondary. Was the defensive line were improper? Were there any injuries that had put effect on the game? What were the key points that let team down? Thus the final score never matters for the sharps, what matters are those facts and details responsible for the result. While on the other hand, casual bettors will probably look for winning history of the team irrespective of the game details.

2. Parlays and teasers not for sharp bettors - Usually payouts on parlay are lower than the risk it involves. Parlays are bets with negative expectations that imply these bets in long term are money losing bets. Sharp bettors don’t involve themselves in such type of bets because they are smart enough they don’t do that. How casinos make money-through negative expectation games, but there are even better bets which can give you more reason of anticipation of gain. That is why sportsbook push parlays and teasers forward to make more and money from the people. And why they will not do this, they are licensed to make money.

3. Value matters – Normal bettors are always interested in the final result, they are more concerned about who is going to win the game in the end. Better looking team is always their basis of choice. Sharp bettors are less concerned about that. Their view to the game is totally different; they look for the line of the game and expectations from the game. They are more concerned about value. They are interested in the long term gain where you reasonably expect to get out the investment. That’s value that matters to them. For example, in sports betting sharp bettors would love to bet on team with fewer chances in the game but the moneyline is better of that team as they are focused on making money in the long term.