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News: American Football Game of the Year 2014

Red Zone Action

11.05.2015 - In third category of our Game of the Year 2015 award we have repeating winner again. Red Zone Action is the top game with a huge margin above other games. This game traditionally dominates the american football management world on our portal therefore it is obviously well earned victory!
The winner is the dominant game in this category. Best rating and best popularity by far. I wrote the same last year, and it is still truth. Other game creators should do a lot of work to change this next year. The second placed game comes from the same creators, it is just a modified game with the almost same logic. It was pretty tight in the fight for third place. There were 3 games close to achieve that.

So here are the best online american football manager games of the year 2014:

Winner is again awarded with a nice badge from our portal: