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GridIron - Online football manager game

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Sport: American Football
User Rating: 44.18% (1018 votes)
44.18% 44.18% 44.18% 44.18% 44.18%
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GridIron - Online football manager game


Grid-Iron is an American Football simulation game where you take charge of a small team with only a bunch of local players, start-up finances and basic facilities. Your goal is to bring glory and fame to that club and ultimately win the American Football League of Champions (AFLC). This is not an easy task though, and you will have to do your best in order to utilize your marketing and tactical skills (in competition with many other keen managers around the Globe).
The game has no ending as such, and it is played in one big Grid-Iron world, so all the results, competition standings, promotion/relegation and other records are passed from one season to another, and all the managers are playing against each other.
You don't need to download anything, all you need is one of the popular browsers and a few minutes of your time.




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2011-05-03 11:38:52 footballjunkie (unregistered) IP: 62.153.*.*
The game itself is very nice, but the development is standing still since months, and the owners don't care about how to go on. Just making promises on a new game simulation engine to develop, but coming up with useless addons instead and stupid excuses. If you are looking for some very basic management game around an American Football Team, just enter. But if you are looking for American Football you need to look further.
2011-08-11 02:19:13 Steve (unregistered) IP: 216.31.*.*
Agree with the above statement. I enjoy the game, but the game engine needs works and that's not happening.
2011-10-17 18:24:13 ExGIPlayer (unregistered) IP: 79.244.*.*
This game is not really for free. There are some advantages you could buy like a detailed training report to know when your players hit their maximum skilllevel. Without the report you spend weeks of training for nothing.
2012-05-22 22:44:25 TheGECritic (unregistered) IP: 94.1.*.*
I think a rating of 1.5 stars is very harsh. The game has a nice, clean interface. A good tactical selection. A decent game engine, with improvements on the way soon. Which has recently been confirmed. I think it's structure of sub-continental leagues is very good. On top of, this it has a new community of American Football fans.
2012-05-27 11:58:45 @TheGECritic (unregistered) IP: 79.244.*.*
What came finally come true? No improvements, the long announced GE was delayed, coming "soon", then canceled for this seasons. Admins are still not dedicated, and once you hit higher divisions you can only "pass"...
2012-06-12 08:00:50 oillio (unregistered) IP: 193.23.*.*
We are only human and that both sports have exmtere athletes,but to me I'm a rugby player and I dont know nothing about American football so I can't judge until I know my facts,but one thing is for sure is that an American footballer is well protected while in Rugby you ain't.So my conclusion is that if someone shot you in the chest with a gun,one with bullet proof vest and one without,who's going to be worst off?it don't take a genius to know the real mans game.
2012-07-17 17:43:26 Gummy Goo (unregistered) IP: 192.197.*.*
@2012-06-12 08:00:50 oillio unregistered) IP: 193.23.*.*
Rugby players are tough, yes, agreed. But tackling in rugby is COMPLETELY different from tackling in gridiron football. I'd love to see you, with no pads, get hit by a linebacker coming full-blast across the middle, nailing you low in the side or stomach with a shoulder, and sending you flying to a point ten feet away, where you promptly land flat on your back. Tackles like that are not permitted in rugby, hence the need for pads in gridiron football. To say guys in American football aren't real men is absolutely laughable. You probably wouldn't last one series of downs in an American football game.
2012-09-18 12:28:06 HowieLO6 (unregistered) IP: 194.72.*.*
I've played both rugby and football to pretty high standards (albeit in the UK...) and can safely say that both compliment one another. While I come off the rugby field aching, having sweated spinal fluid for 80 minutes, I come off the football field in pain, having given every last ounce for each and every drive. both are hellish, but training for both has improved each game, respectively.

Oh, and gridiron is okay. The engine works, but it aint realistic...yet!
2013-03-02 18:58:00 E logic (unregistered) IP: 86.176.*.*
most basic game out there. The game is so basic with absolutly no tactics as all you can do is pass as the run game does not work for anyone. admin is not active in the slightest and does not care for its your time and stay far away from this s**t
2013-04-28 11:36:07 magnus (unregistered) IP: 92.250.*.*
The game had a complete overhaul. Looks fantastic now. If you like manager games it's definitely one to check out
2013-04-29 15:48:16 Albin (unregistered) IP: 5.57.*.*
This game deserves to be on the very last place of lists.

Admins are slow and almost non-existing and just do as they please. Game tactics is not existing. You cant run the ball at all above the lowest lvl.

This game is not even worth a look.
2013-05-28 12:36:29 Hadar (unregistered) IP: 85.216.*.*
This game have new look, they work on a new engine, for me is Grid Iron NO.1.
2013-07-28 16:41:24 tango (unregistered) IP: 50.7.*.*
Oh, this game deserves to be on the very last place in this ranking - really. What a poor Football sim...
2014-02-18 01:02:22 J (unregistered) IP: 98.226.*.*
A good game for those who don't have a lot of time to play a football simulation. It only takes a few minutes a week to play and you can watch your games live.
2014-02-20 23:34:28 campuscodi (unregistered) IP: 81.180.*.*
It's a much more relaxed game than the other simulators in this category. Worth a shot.
2014-02-23 07:41:27 .... (unregistered) IP: 122.108.*.*
The game itself has its flaws, and the devs have been promising improvements and failing to deliver for some time, but it isn't as bad as everyone above says. Of course I write this attempting to watch my week 17 clash, with the connection timing out repeatedly, so my opinion may be slightly more negative afterwards if this keeps up for the entire game. In summary, play it for free. Don't pay for it, you will feel ripped off.
2014-10-13 22:15:21 Freak (unregistered) IP: 79.241.*.*
strange mix of european soccer style leagues, and a sport played on a grid. But American Football? No tactics, no real management, injured players kill a complete lineup and cause you losing...and according to some veteran players no development since years...
2014-10-15 13:21:30 campuscodi (unregistered) IP: 31.31.*.*
After playing some months, I think the game isnt worth playing at all
2015-08-05 23:46:03 deadballzone (unregistered) IP: 120.23.*.*
It could be so much better. Everything else outside of matches is pretty cool. The actual matches themselves leave much to be desired.
2016-08-27 09:09:01 Tossers (unregistered) IP: 82.38.*.*
Campuscodi and cflames3412 still playing the game after moaning like the little bitches they are. Hilarious.
2023-04-30 09:25:10 Fidldleman (unregistered) IP: 64.85.*.*
This game makes you feel as you would as a GM/Owner. Long term efforts are rewarded with excellent players as well as organizational success. Develop a team with Free Agents and/or develop homegrown talent. It's fun, not demanding and only requires commitment to succeed.


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