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News: Tennis Game of the Year 2014

Online tennis manager

03.05.2015 - This is the annoncement of the yearly award for best tennis games. It is the second yearly award for the 2014 year and it is also second time we have repeating winner from last year. Online tennis manager game got the top spot, second and third placed games swapped their positions from last year.
In this yearly category we have the dominating wnner which is change from last year when there was abig fight for the first spot. The big fight was actual for the second place and it was really really tight.

The reason why Online Tennis Manager is the winner is the dominating popularity by our users. The game name is really helping to get a lot of traffic to the game profile from the search engines thus without much work it is the most popular tennis game on our portal.

So here are the best online tennis manager games of the year 2014:

Winner is again awarded with a nice badge from our portal: