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Sport: Tennis
User Rating: 64.42% (163 votes)
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Online Tennis - Online tennis manager game


You always dreamed of standing on the top of the tennis-ranking? You always wanted to play in Wimbledon? Or do you want to finish the French Open as the great winner? You are exactly right here! Guide your player to the top by setting the perfect training and clever management! But caution: you are not alone! All the others want to do the same! So you can expect a really hard fight till the final words: Game, Set and Match!


Onlinetennis is completely free.


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2012-06-15 23:06:44 (unregistered) IP: 86.167.*.*
Seems all you need to do is type rubbish to get registered - apparently nobody has any good to say about the game so I assume it is worthless.
2012-08-25 07:36:38 Luz (unregistered) IP: 24.234.*.*
Having played ralcetbakl for years, I can more attest to the racket being a potential self-inflicted hazard too. My bottom takes more punishment from the opponents shot. I'd rather have a black n' blue butt than black n' blue ... (ouch!).(i know, it's already July of '08. I'm just catching up on the posts)
2013-08-10 22:26:41 Rogers (unregistered) IP: 70.176.*.*
You can't even log in! Worst game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2014-03-26 03:57:08 Player (unregistered) IP: 96.226.*.*
Onlinetennis is personally my favorite tennis manager game. I like how it is simple, yet very addicting, and easy to get to the page that you want to go to.
2014-06-23 10:49:06 mikie anderson (unregistered) IP: 98.246.*.*
This is my first time playing besides I like the day's of jimmie conners john Macanro.Tennis in the '70's.
2014-12-17 12:17:33 Shah (unregistered) IP: 190.77.*.*
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2016-02-29 19:12:10 (unregistered) IP: 85.57.*.*
Mi cuente ha sido cerrada y la única explicación que encuentro es que mi mujer también juega a él
2016-04-14 16:29:18 Tessica (unregistered) IP: 188.143.*.*
A little rationality lifts the quality of the debate here. Thanks for coiunrbtting!
2019-12-30 10:30:50 Nilony (unregistered) IP: 177.157.*.*
The information that this game has died is incorrect. Moderators should review this page thoroughly, as this game appears as one of the options on the first page of this website. Moreover, most comments here are either awful or downright offensive, they offer no valuable review of the game or of anything, and that's such a disservice to anyone looking for a tennis manager game. I'm appalled those haven't been removed immediately. In any case, I've signed up to this game, but I'm not sure whether I should post the link to it here, so can I just suggest you look it up on google.


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