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25.07.2013 - How to pick the best soccer game to fit your personality? There are plenty of soccer games on the web, all of them are different in some way. But what would make the game most interesting for you? In this article we will tell you a lot about how to find out!
First of all you have to realize, which part of team anagement is interesting for you. You can pick one of the following:

- Match Management - As a manager of a team, you have to pick the right tactics for the match to show your strengths and find ways how to use your opponent weaknesses in your favour. The key part here is a good analytic skills by manager to identify right tactics.

- Building Team - Here you can use 2 different attitudes. Grow up your youth players or build your team through transfer market. This is very popular with most managers, especially the first one. As a manager you have to identify the talented players and prepare facilities to fulfill their potential. This preference makes you to play the game long term, because you don`t want to loose what you got thanks to your previous hard work.

- Economics of the Team - This is usually just a small part of the game very important in the real world. But in games there is usually only a simple model used. You select the best sponsors for your team, and sometimes also ticket prices. Financail stability of your team is very important because only your income defines your potential to grow.

- Betting on Matches - Few games offers you possibility to bet on matches played within the game. The in-game betting is very similar to the real world betting and you can even get special offers from the game like the william hill betting offers. In the games you can bet to get some extra money for your team or for your own happiness to have some extra fun with the game, but that not affect your your team finances.

All the games are trying to provide right combination of the named features. When you try to pick the game for you, you should first answer the question what is important for you in the game. Once you do so, you can check the game profiles at our website to learn some information about games and then based on your preference you should pick few games and try to play them. You will see in few days which is more natural for you, but at least you saved time and don`t have to check all the games...