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News: Hockey Game of the Year 2012


14.03.2013 - In hockey edition of best games of the year 2012 contest, we have change on the top fom last year. It is again a partner game, which says a lot about what games do have biggest success at this portal. Congratulations to the Winner!!!

The winner in this category is a new game we added just last year called WebSimHockey. It is good game licensed by NHL Player Association, where you can manage your favourite NHL team. This game is best rated by far and also very popular.
The only game which were able to keep the pace in popularity was Powerplay Manager Hockey but they lost a lot of points in lower rating. Another good game, but obviously not as good as the winner. They dropped from last year first place.
Third place is again a game which moved down one spot from alst year. HockeyArena is a good game with long tradition. Unable to keep pace in either rating or popularity department but good enough to stay in top 3.
So here are the best online hockey manager games of the year 2012:

1. WebSimHockey
2. Powerplay Manager Hockey
3. HockeyArena