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News: American Football Game of the Year 2012

Red Zone Action

15.02.2013 - The winner of this category is the usual top rated team in our monthly rankings. So of course it is no surprise to see tha game on top here. And it is also the same winner as last year. Obviously a really good game.
The winner is the dominant game in this category. Best rating and best popularity by far. Other game creators should do a lot of work to change this next year. It was pretty tight in the fight for second place. There were 4 games close to achieve that.

By the way I am a huge fan of Baltimore Ravens and as you probably know WE ARE THE SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS!!! 49ers were tough challenge but we did it!!!

So here are the best online american football manager games of the year 2012:

1. Red Zone Action
2. My Football Sim
3. Pigskin Empire