Online Sport Manager Games

Online Sport Manager Games

Most Popular Games in August 2016 - My Racing Career
21.09.2016 11:35:00 - Soccer is the most popular sport in the world and it is just natural that the most sport management games are based on this sport. And not only that. In total soccer management games are the most popular games on our site. Altough the win for the single game goes to motorsport game :) Read more
The Best Rated Game in August 2016 - My Racing Career
21.09.2016 11:30:00 - Formula 1 racing career management game repeated the win again. Seven games got above 89% rating including wrestilng, baseball, volleyball, soccer and two american football games. Read more
Using Sports Manager Skills - To Make Money
21.09.2016 10:00:00 - While it is true that most people play sports manager games for fun and competition, what if you were told that the skillset you develop playing sports manager games gives you an excellent chance of turning a very solid profit with a little extra work. Read more
Three Online Football Manager Games - You Should Check Out
11.08.2016 15:00:00 - Online football manager games allow you to test your management skills against other players who you will compete with online. These games allow you to pick a team, set the formation and choose the tactics for play. You can also buy and sell players. The aim of the game is to win as many matches as possible and finish the season at the top of the league. There are many different football manager games that can be played online, and some are better than others. Some of the better games are discussed below. Read more
Most Popular Games in July 2016 - My Racing Career
06.08.2016 11:35:00 - With the NFL season just before the start, the american football game made a great bid to win the popularity contest. They fell shrot by inches but it would be very hard for motorsport game to maintain the position next month. During the Tour de France cycling game went high too. Read more
The Best Rated Game in July 2016 - My Racing Career
06.08.2016 11:30:00 - Here we go again with repeating winner. But the competition for 2nd place wa extremely close! And even the fourth game was not far. This time the order is motorsport game ahead of martial arts, american football and baseball. Read more
Most Popular Games in June 2016 - My Racing Career
06.08.2016 11:15:00 - In our monthly popularity contest we have again the same winner as basically always! Superb ranked game got the highest popularity again. Fight for 2nd place was hard with just a small margin betwen second and third. Read more
The Best Rated Game in June 2016 - My Racing Career
06.08.2016 11:10:00 - My Racing Career got back to the top after few months of loosing to martial arts game. Rating is again very high, but this time MMA tycon did not score perfect one, therefore motorsport game got the crown. Read more
Interrelation of football and gambling, and Casinority online games - Risk in everything
06.08.2016 10:00:00 - What are the similarities between gambling: football and casino games, attitude to well-known players’ games. Do sports players like risk after all? Read more
Online Sport Management vs. Sportsbook Betting - Comparison
01.07.2016 22:00:00 - An online sport manager game is a game that puts the player in the position of general manager, owner, coach, player, and so on depending on the sport and game. It’s tough to pinpoint what truly makes the perfect sport manager game, because it is wholly dependent on the individual. Some people feel that the more realistic and complex the game is, the better, while others prefer a more simplistic, straightforward approach. Read more
Most Popular Games in May 2016 - My Racing Career
11.06.2016 15:30:00 - Nothing new on top of the popularity monthly contest! My Racing Career got the win again with pretty high popularity rating! Highly rated american football and soccer games which are high are no surprise either. Congratulations to the creators! Read more
The Best Rated Game in May 2016 - MMA Tycoon
11.06.2016 15:10:00 - Build your own ultimate mixed martial arts squad! In May game where you can do exacty this won the best rated game competition! Well done! Regular podium motorsport is second this time and third is a huge surprise - old volleyball game! Read more
Most Popular Games in April 2016 - My Racing Career
31.05.2016 20:30:00 - No change in top position of this popularity rankings. Motorsport game is best again. American football and soccer games took rest of the podium. Soccer is the most popular sport on our site, but motorsport is not far away. We can see change here next month. Read more
The Best Rated Game in April 2016 - Broken Bat
31.05.2016 20:10:00 - Change on top. Baseball game took the title in april with perfect rating, beating great rating of our usual winner quality motorsport game. Third place is awarded to american footbal game. It is time to vote for your favourite game if you want to see it high in this rankings :) Read more
Game of the Year 2015 - My Racing Career
04.05.2016 14:30:00 - After announcing best games of the year in sport categories, this time it is turn to announce the overall best games of the year 2015. Best motorsport management game My Racing Career got the trophy, and repeated the success from the last year. Congratulations! Read more
Sport Betting Resources
The best sport betting Apps - 2015/2016
09.06.2015 09:00:00 - 2015 was the best year yet for sports betting apps with leading brands such as Bet365, William Hill & Winner either launching or upgrading their offerings. The massive increase in the demand for betting on the go is definitely something is going to change the way we place our wagers today. Read more
The top sport betting review sites - 2015/2016
09.06.2015 08:00:00 - As sports betting action grows a lot of casinos now are trying to get in on the action with their own sports book, with 888, William Hill and Winner being to name just a few. A top tip is that the bonuses offered by these sites is better than what you can get at specialist sports books. Read more
Recommended Games
My Racing Career
95.61% 95.61% 95.61% 95.61% 95.61%
Dugout Soccer
74.92% 74.92% 74.92% 74.92% 74.92%
69.48% 69.48% 69.48% 69.48% 69.48%
Track King
68.54% 68.54% 68.54% 68.54% 68.54%
Online Boxing Manager
68.46% 68.46% 68.46% 68.46% 68.46%
Dugout Online
67.16% 67.16% 67.16% 67.16% 67.16%
66.47% 66.47% 66.47% 66.47% 66.47%
65.25% 65.25% 65.25% 65.25% 65.25%
Cycling For Fun
64.68% 64.68% 64.68% 64.68% 64.68%
Velo Manager
64.36% 64.36% 64.36% 64.36% 64.36%
Online Tennis Manager
64.12% 64.12% 64.12% 64.12% 64.12%
Motorsports Manager
63.46% 63.46% 63.46% 63.46% 63.46%
62.71% 62.71% 62.71% 62.71% 62.71%
9 Inning Baseball
61.27% 61.27% 61.27% 61.27% 61.27%
60.04% 60.04% 60.04% 60.04% 60.04%
59.89% 59.89% 59.89% 59.89% 59.89%
Moto Manager
58.42% 58.42% 58.42% 58.42% 58.42%
56.7% 56.7% 56.7% 56.7% 56.7%
55.7% 55.7% 55.7% 55.7% 55.7%
49.72% 49.72% 49.72% 49.72% 49.72%
45.1% 45.1% 45.1% 45.1% 45.1%
24.57% 24.57% 24.57% 24.57% 24.57%
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