Online Sport Manager Games

Online Sport Manager Games

Season 8 Update - Dugout Soccer
03.02.2016 19:20:00 - Our latest update brings with it a brand new look for the site. We’ve also been working hard on adding much more functionality and making the game great for everyone. Read more
Cycling Game of the Year 2015 - Cycling Fantasy
02.01.2016 17:00:00 - Cycling is the first sport for our annual Game of the Year awards. This is the 2015 edition! Since the last year we do have a change in this category results! Cycling Fantasy did beat the previous winner Velo Manager! Read more
Most Popular Games in December 2015 - Red Zone Action
02.01.2016 16:30:00 - With NFL regular season coming to the end and fans looking forward to the postseason the interest in american football games stayed high. It is the third most popular sport in our statistics and therefore it is no surprise that the previous month winner repeated the success again. Red Zone Action got the win here with My Racing Career trailing on the second place. Read more
The Best Rated Game in December 2015 - Basketball Zone
02.01.2016 16:20:00 - History is repeating, but usually not that often. After last month success by wrestling game in december there is another new winner in this monthly competition. Basketball game called Basketball Zone got this win for the same reason as last month`s winner. Just passed the minimum number of votes limit an d with all positive votes the winner again beat motorsport game with one awesome rating. Much more votes from which not all was positive pushed the game to the second place. Read more
Most Popular Games in November 2015 - Red Zone Action
02.01.2016 16:10:00 - Red Zone Action repeated this popularity monthly competition. There is obvious reason for such result after seeing motorsport game dominating this rating during the summer. And that is the NFL season on the way increasing the interest in american football games. Read more
The Best Rated Game in November 2015 - The Wrestling Game
02.01.2016 16:00:00 - Big surprise! We have completely new winner in this monthly competition. The Wrestling Game did beat very well rated My Racing Career due to ability to pass the minimum number of votes limit. This happened for the first time with this game and because all the votes were positive the winner is here... Congratz! Read more
Playing Sport Management Games - The Best Choice
17.12.2015 21:00:00 - There are various ways how to spend your free time with the internet. Well you can obviously just browse various sites, chat on facebook, or just watch stupid videos, if you want your brain to become smaller. No of course you don`t want to do it. Unless you pick good websites to learn useful information or watch useful videos, you should find another way how to grow your personality. Read more
Most Popular Games in October 2015 - Red Zone Action
27.11.2015 20:30:00 - Altough October is month when My Racing Career returned to top place in rating ranks, in popularity ranking there is still another game on top. American football game Red ZOne Action is still the leader. Well done! Read more
The Best Rated Game in October 2015 - My Racing Career
27.11.2015 20:00:00 - After previous month success by the hockey game in october we are back to what we had before again. Top game is called My Racing Career again. It is the best motorsport management game you can find on our portal. Read more
Sharp Bettors - in Sports Betting
05.11.2015 17:45:00 - In sports betting world a term sharp bettors is most popular and reaching to legendary extent. However the term is usually misapprehended by people. Sharp people are thought as people contained with information and foolproof systems. Read more
How the soccer players lose money - At the casinos
03.11.2015 20:45:00 - After brilliant act of Wayne Rooney in qualifying round of the Soccer World Cup, in which Manchester United played against Belarus with a score of 3:1 (Wayne made two of these three goals) in favor of the Manchester United, Wayne returned to Manchester and decided to rest... Read more
Most Popular Games in September 2015 - Red Zone Action
25.10.2015 10:30:00 - Not a good month for My Racing Career our usual monthly awards winner in October. After trailing WebSimHockey in rating competition they also lost the fight to Red Zone Action in popularity contest. Read more
The Best Rated Game in September 2015 - WebSimHockey
24.10.2015 20:00:00 - After a long time we have a change in this monthly competition winner. Ice Hockey management game licensed by NHLPA got the win in October which is by the way the first month of the NHL season. My Racing Career proved the high standard with better rating than last month but it was not enough for the win this time. Read more
Most Popular Games in August 2015 - My Racing Career
23.10.2015 16:15:00 - New game in the sights! A cycling game which was added just lately got the nice result in this competition with breaking into top 3 in their first try! Maybe a new competitor for our auust winner My Racing Career... Read more
The Best Rated Game in August 2015 - My Racing Career
22.10.2015 16:10:00 - Little late but not too late we do have here the results of our monthly competition. Traditional winner a motorsport game was hunted by another 4 above 90% rating games with the baseball game leading the way. Read more
Sport Betting Resources
The best sport betting Apps - 2015/2016
09.06.2015 09:00:00 - 2015 was the best year yet for sports betting apps with leading brands such as Bet365, William Hill & Winner either launching or upgrading their offerings. The massive increase in the demand for betting on the go is definitely something is going to change the way we place our wagers today. Read more
The top sport betting review sites - 2015/2016
09.06.2015 08:00:00 - As sports betting action grows a lot of casinos now are trying to get in on the action with their own sports book, with 888, William Hill and Winner being to name just a few. A top tip is that the bonuses offered by these sites is better than what you can get at specialist sports books. Read more
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40.07% 40.07% 40.07% 40.07% 40.07%
24.33% 24.33% 24.33% 24.33% 24.33%
No matter what your favourite sport you'll find it highlighted in online slots games at leading casinos. Featuring state-of-the art graphics, realistic sound and offering tons of fun and more ways to win, these games are more exciting than ever before. Best of all, you can access these games for money on your mobile or tablet device and play from anywhere in the world!