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Goal United - Online soccer manager game

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Sport: Football (Soccer)
User Rating: 46.88% (816 votes)
46.88% 46.88% 46.88% 46.88% 46.88%
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Goal United - Online soccer manager game


Goal united is web based online Football manager game.




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2012-11-03 13:43:26 Steve (unregistered) IP: 2.217.*.*
Have played it but left due to so many bugs with the game, very unrealistic game engine, awful customer service and total dependence on having to pay lots to progress in the game.

Would I recommend....not in a million years!
2012-12-24 16:49:50 jack (unregistered) IP: 82.4.*.*
you cant even play so that means my team always have to flipping lose its annoying no wonder why Iam last.
2013-01-23 13:14:43 badbee (unregistered) IP: 81.141.*.*
Game takes a little working out, it's not always as logical as you'd think, but once you do it's good.
As to having to pay to progress? Well that's clearly just not right as a look at a number of top clubs would show, takes patience not money.
2013-02-26 22:34:28 YoYoMama (unregistered) IP: 67.176.*.*
In a word: frustrating. The game is buggy, Customer service is terrible and don't even think about winning anything without spending money.
2013-06-30 14:03:21 Maddog40 (unregistered) IP: 92.8.*.*
Well, it had me hooked for a year. But there is one thing which turnedme away-

if you don't spend money, you almost will never get to the highest division. It's just a true fact. But if money isn't a problem, GU is a fantastic game and should be played.
2013-10-09 12:20:43 anaf (unregistered) IP: 114.130.*.*
I never play this game before so today I am playing this game
2014-01-02 15:37:32 StarmanJones (unregistered) IP: 99.153.*.*
Good game! It is a management game not an action game. You are front office and field manager. Bad customer support. Bad documentation. You do need to spend real money to advance quickly.
2014-04-03 10:35:32 stu765 (unregistered) IP: 86.185.*.*
great game no need to spend money but lots of extras for money that you don't need to improve just takes longer without. though its hard to train players if you don't have a premium account.
2014-09-11 00:49:27 GU_fan (unregistered) IP: 176.63.*.*
The Goalunited is a brilliant german game... It really does have a logical and realistic gameplay however some pepole may find that it is too heavy or less enjoyable for them. They can find any of the other dozens of football manager games on the net. But all the others who can think and plan ahead carefully and able to make very interesting and tough decisions will enjoy every minute of the game. The game does not give you a quick success however if you can plan constantly everything carefully you can be a league champion easily and with a better strategy you may be able to beat even a better/stronger team. The luck.... There is just a minimal luck in the game (but there is some like in the real world), so if you are not winning the matches when you should you may rather look after your strategy and tactical skills rather than complaining it for the luck. The GU does not have a stupid schematic 2D/3D live match engine but it has a great live match feature during the matches which is really interesting and real. The live match is "live" as it takes for 2 x 45 mins, but it is exciting !!! It does not require too much time spent in front of the screen however the more you are playing the more experience you get from the game aand that's an advantage. I have a feeling that several other soccer manager games are coping the nice ideas from here which were developed into the GU. I hope this help your choice. No one is sponsoring my comment of course :-).
2014-10-14 15:31:35 ales72 (unregistered) IP: 95.85.*.*
GUT - Velmi dobrý fotbal, nejlepší na netu. Nechápu, že má tak málo procent, nevyrovná se mu žádný z této nabídky.
2014-12-22 20:04:43 Aquadorian (unregistered) IP: 81.141.*.*
Unrealistic game engine, as others have said. Not as accurate as some of the other management games, so it's annoying. If it's just a case of having 11 "better" (i.e. more expensive*) players then that's not what a management game should be about, because a good manager in real life isn't spending his *own* money. * And surprise, surprise: that means spending real money to get stars etc. Advice would be to play instead. Premium players there get better stats etc. but paying real money there doesn't affect your results: that's how it should be
2015-05-07 18:57:03 9T9 (unregistered) IP: 195.6.*.*
Have played it but left due to so many bugs with the game, very unrealistic game engine, awful customer service and total dependence on having to pay lots to progress in the game.
Agree with that.
I've played it and leave and come back and leave again and come back again.
Too bad there's no other choice than paying and be able to build big money making places and better training center.
No money equals your team will remain in low leagues even if your players are really valuables.


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